The Duck Dreams of SCP-173

The night of 4/16/19, the Duck had a spooky dream courtesy of a PC game called SCP: Containment Breach.  If you’re not familiar, the SCP Foundation is a fictional group that basically collects and studies anomalous creatures and objects.  Kind of like the TV series, Warehouse 13.  But scarier.  This particular dream featured SCP-173, a statue that moves at incredible speeds as long as you aren’t looking at it.  (If you’re thinking that they stole the idea from Dr. Who’s Weeping Angels, well, SCP-173 was actually created first, so…)

The dream began with the Duck home alone, watching a video I had recorded inside my house.  As I watched my video for the first time, I was quite disturbed to spot SCP-173 (which I shall simply refer to as “the statue” from here on out), moving about at unnatural speeds whenever I wasn’t looking.  I hadn’t a clue at the time this video was being recorded that this fiend was present, but now that I knew I was sharing my home with a seemingly sentient, and homicidal, statue, I was deeply troubled.

Now, I believe this part of the dream was inspired by a recent Carpetbagger video I watched several hours before I went to bed, where he and a friend witnessed strange lights over Area 51.  Carpetbagger himself viewed the entire phenomenon through his camera.

Just what I needed.  My mind took two spooky things and combined them into one nightmarish experience.  Thanks, subconscious.

Once I realized that the statue was roaming my house, which, in this dream was a 2-3 story place with plenty of room for the thing to hide, I was pretty freaked out.  Of course, in real-life, I would’ve been hightailing it out of there, hoping against hope that the police would believe my tale of a killer statue running amok in my house.  In my dream, however, I was planning on finding a room to hide in until Mother Duck arrived in a few days.  What Mother Duck would be able to do about an immortal, murderous statue, I have no idea….

I began to gather the sorts of things I would need to keep myself both alive and entertained for the next few days, and then I retreated into my chosen room.  This room led to another room or two, each of which had a door I could lock.  Hoping to put as many locked doors between myself and the statue as possible, I hunkered down in the final room, doors sealed shut, and waited.

It wasn’t long before I heard the first door open, and then the next.  Well, so much for my cunning plan of self-preservation.  After several moments of terror, the statue entered the room.  Knowing there was no escape (unless I could refrain from blinking, or sleeping, for the next few days), I resigned myself to my fate and gave up, hoping internally that the statue’s usual method of breaking its victims neck would be as quick as possible.

I’m pretty sure my dream ended with my death.  Yikes, I wasn’t nearly as well-equipped to deal with that thing as I had hoped!  The odd thing is, when I’ve played the game, I never really found SCP-173 all that scary.  I mean, yeah, it is pretty stressful seeing this thing move ever closer to you every time you blink.  But it’s not a kind of fear that typically follows me into my everyday life.  But alas, the freakish universe of SCP has finally joined me in my nightmares, along with the likes of Slenderman and Five Nights at Freddy’s.  Oh, goody.

Now that my horrifying nighttime encounter has been recounted for you all, it’s time for a bit of shameless advertising.  From time to time over on our Virtual Bastion Youtube channel, the Duck has been playing through the various updates to the Unity remake of SCP: Containment Breach.  The game’s currently in Alpha, and it updates every few months.  If you’d like to watch the Duck deal with the likes of SCP-173 with far more bravery than what I displayed in my dream, then I invite you to check out our playlist!

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