Tempest and Teacup

I had mentioned in the past that I enjoy watching a Youtube channel called Kitten Academy.  They foster kitties, and in addition to regular videos about their current adoptable kitties and non-adoptable “faculty”, they also have a 24/7 live stream where you can watch kittens play to your heart’s content.  Lately, however, something special has been happening that I simply must tell you all about.

Right now, there is a mom cat named Tempest with three ginger babies that are about 2-3 weeks old.  Tempest came to Kitten Academy with another cat named Teacup.  And the two of them are the best of friends.  It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (and Kitten Academy is home to a lot of cute things).  Tempest and Teacup just love each other so, and often times, Teacup can be seen cleaning Tempest’s kittens.  In fact, Teacup sometimes spends more time with the babies than their mom does.  And every once in a while, you can catch Tempest and Teacup together, snuggling with the babies like one big happy family.

Video by Youtube user: Kitten Academy

It is assumed that Teacup must be related to Tempest because of their close bond and her willingness to take care of kittens that are not her own.  So, considering there isn’t really any way to disprove this, we might as well start calling her Granny Teacup.

In addition to these adorable kitties, they also have five older kittens and their mom, which will surely be adopted in the near future.  If you are interested in adopting any kitties from Kitten Academy, you can go to their website for details.  In the meantime, I can’t get enough of the three new ginger babies and their two moms.

Photo by Anton Kraev on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Tempest and Teacup

  1. The fact that you can look at cat videos 24-7 justifies the internet’s existence. I follow Kitten Lady (Heather Shaw). She does rescue and makes videos about taking care of newborn kittens. I would love to foster one day when I have the space ♥

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