Dream Time: An Uncooperative Door

For whatever reason, the Duck has been having lots of rather creepy dreams lately.  I heard that cold air gives one bad dreams, and whether or not this is true, it certainly seems to be, considering winter is the major time when the Duck finds herself in the midst of a good deal of weird nightmares.

The dream of 2/21/19 didn’t start out too terrible, on the surface.  I mean, a rather unpleasant family member (who does not exist) was visiting, but that is more inconvenient than nightmarish.  She was a rather crabby woman with a perpetual grimace that I had never met before and would apparently be arriving with some other distant relatives to whom I was also a stranger.  Before her arrival, however, I was walking around this mall of some sort and, along with about three other people, was chosen by this woman for a small part in a play.  Apparently, at the appropriate time, I had only to make a moose sound, whatever that is.

After the weird play, I arrived home, which was noisy and crowded with people I didn’t know, including the grumpy woman mentioned earlier.  While my parents chatted with them in the living room, I was in my room.  I closed the door in an effort to keep their racket to a minimum, but when I looked back, the door was open again.  And no matter what I did, the door would keep opening of its own accord.

It’s rather creepy, really, as I recently had another dream where I couldn’t keep a door locked because the man on the other side kept being able to turn the lock.  I’m rather curious what this could all mean….

Anyway, I eventually decided to really test my situation.  Though I was sure I had been closing the door, I wanted to ensure that there was no way I was merely mistaken each time.  This time, the door was attached to this big strap, for some reason, and I held on to that strap with all my might to keep the door closed.  Sure enough, some unseen force on the other side was exerting its own strength, and I felt the door attempting to open itself.

I tugged back, using all my energy to keep the door closed.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it forever, though, and I finally had to give up.  As expected, the door swung open once more, and an aggravated male voice yelled at me from out of nowhere that he had not given me permission to close my door.

Deeply disturbed, I ran out into the living room and told my mom everything that had happened.  Though I am sure I looked insane in front of the visiting family members, I was surprised that Mother Duck believed everything I had said, despite how unlikely it was.  What she planned to do about it, however, I am unsure because this is when I woke up.

Image from Pexels user Jonathan Petersson

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