Dream Time: Higgledies to the Rescue?

The night of 2/16/19, the Duck had a rather stressful dream indeed.  It began where I was in my garage, but the door that leads outside led, rather, to another room.  A guy was in this room and was trying to break into the house via this door, and he seemed largely unaffected by the door’s lock.  Though I would lock the door to bar him entrance, I would then watch in horror as the lock would slowly turn.  Eventually, I had to start placing furniture against it to keep the door secured.  Even though this finally worked, the man was clearly determined, as he merely decided to sleep in this room as he awaited his chance to break inside the house.

Things grew even worse, however, when it was revealed that my house would soon be destroyed.  At this point in my dream, I lived in this tiny house in this gross, desolate place on the outskirts of town where nothing grew, right next to the train tracks.  The house was in the process of being demolished, and I remember running across the train tracks in a hurry to retrieve my most important possessions.

In my dire hour of need, these little creatures started to pop up out of the ground.  (I think they were inspired by the derpy higgledies in Ni no Kuni II, which I had almost finished at this point in time.)  Though I had no idea what they were, they seemed quite happy to help me, so I led them into my house and directed them to start packing anything video game-related in the living room into these cardboard boxes while I packed up a few things in my bedroom.  I remember looking into this box, and the one main item I chose to save was the stuffed fox my friend gave me many years ago when I moved for the first time to another state.  And then my dream ended.  It is interesting, really, how a small, seemingly unimportant token of childhood friendship turns out to be one of my most cherished possessions.

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