Memoirs of Elsa Part 1

In case you haven’t heard, the Duck lost her kitty Elsa a little over a week ago.  Since the loss of my other two cats about five years ago, I have learned that memories fade far more quickly than we would like, and so I wanted to write a little bit more about her so that this post could serve as a refresher in case I ever forgot.  There won’t be much rhyme or reason to this post, other than to recount a few memories that I don’t think I’ve discussed prior.

When we first got Elsa, she was really snuggly.  She since grew out of it, but that very first day, she would sit on Mother Duck’s legs, even if Mother Duck was simply kneeling down, forcing her to maintain some uncomfortable poses until Elsa decided to set her free.  She did not, however, enjoy being held and had a very effective manner in which to evade capture.  Whenever I tried to pick her up, she would somersault out of my arms.  It was a simple, but foolproof, maneuver that made hoisting her into my arms basically impossible.

Perhaps a year ago, maybe a bit less, the Duck’s grandmother got sick.  Nothing serious, just some sort of flu, I believe, but Mother Duck and I decided to make a batch of cockaleekie to bring over.  In case you’re not familiar, this is a soup consisting of rice, chicken, onions, and leeks (it goes really well with some extra salt on top).  Being such a delightful meal, we thought we’d make two batches, one for the grandparents and one for ourselves.

Unfortunately, the last two ingredients I listed above are onions and leeks, and with such a massive quantity of the things being required for the doubled recipe, the very air itself was permeated with whatever the heck it is in onions that make people cry.  Mother Duck and I found our eyes to be quite watery as the soup cooked, but our discomfort was quickly forgotten when we noticed that poor Elsa’s eyes were watering, too.  We felt terrible and quickly relocated her to the master bedroom, a room she had not previously been allowed to spend much time.  The air was better here, so her eyes quickly began to clear up, and she got her first taste of gazing out the bedroom window, something she loved doing ever since.

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