Dream Time: Race Through the Haunted House

The night of 1/18/19, I had another spooky dream.  I get them often, and though they are unpleasant while I’m in the middle of them, sometimes they can be interesting to think back on during daylight hours.  The dream revolved around an abandoned, probably haunted house.

This abandoned house was really creepy and had lots of narrow hallways and staircases.  At least, that described the parts that were intact, as a good deal of the place had also collapsed.  I think the house was more or less bordered by empty roads, with thick trees on one side that made up the house’s yard.  I remember being with a group of people, but for some reason, we seemed to hang out around the house a lot, even though we were afraid of it.  At one point, I remember being in the yard, pulling all the dry leaves from the branches, not unlike what I do with my azalea bonsai, always obsessing over those loose, dead leaves.

Once in my dream, I remember being across the street from the house on this dirt lot.  Somehow, I had gotten knocked unconscious.  I don’t know who did it, but I think my life was in danger, and this construction worker guy saved my life.  But a few days went by, and I discovered that he had entered the house and had never been heard from again.  You see, there was something very unnatural about that house, and though you could enter in the daytime and possibly come out unscathed, if not a bit shaken, the rumor was, if you entered the house at night, you would never find your way out again.  Once night fell, if you were unwise enough to go inside, it was as if all exits would suddenly cease to exist, and you would be doomed to wander hopelessly, with no chance of escape.

Towards the end of my dream, my group of friends and I had climbed over the house’s ruins and proceeded to spend time in the yard as the hour grew late.  For whatever reason, we had no choice but to go through the house in order to get where we were going.  We were terrified to go in, but with the hour growing late, perhaps we decided we better do so now before it got any later.  I remember our group going inside, down this narrow set of stairs with random turns.  We were all running, and I was afraid I would be left behind and get lost.  I suppose we managed to get out in time, though I am unsure because the dream ended around this time.  It was a chilling dream, to be sure, but sometimes such dreams are the most interesting of all.

Photo is public domain and was uploaded by Flickr User: Wayne Hodge

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