100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 23: Cat

The newest topic for the 100 theme challenge is cat, a subject I have already discussed many times in the past, particularly in regards to my current cat Elsa and the two I lost a few years ago, Alex and Arwen.  Since I have already talked a great deal about them, I thought it would be rather fun to tell you all about a cat that had an impact on me despite only knowing it for one short week.

Years ago, the Duck paid a visit to some distant relatives (distant not so much in their relation to me as they are distant in both a physical and emotional sense).  To be honest, I am unsure why they requested my presence, as I have not seen or spoken to them since (all email correspondence on my end has been ignored), nor had I ever seen much of them beforehand, either.  It was an odd visit, to be honest, with most of my time spent in the guest room, biding my time as they watched TV or read.

When I was not thinking up ways to keep myself busy, activities included picking apricots from their friend’s tree (which was infested with spiders and wasps), fishing in silence (if you’ve ever watched a TV show or movie where two people sit silently in a boat and never speak to each other, that’s exactly how it went), and helping the lady make cookies for her husband, none of which I was allowed to eat.

In a nutshell, it was…strange, but the highlight was their cat.  Named Albert, this cat was believed by his owners to be rather grumpy and unwelcoming to strangers.  Despite this, the Duck has often pondered over my potential skills as a cat whisperer because Albert seemed to like me just fine.  I was always careful not to bother him, and I never picked him up, and I think he took this respect for his personal space as the indirect request for friendship it indeed was.  He started to spend more and more time with me and enjoyed sleeping on the end of my bed, something he was not known for doing.  One evening, the lady and I went to see the fifth Harry Potter movie at their local theater, and when we came home, her husband said that the cat cried the whole time looking for me.

I didn’t know Albert for very long, but he left an impression on me that I will never forget.  While it’s no surprise that I like friendly cats, sometimes it can be even more rewarding to befriend a cat that isn’t so open to human interaction.

Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash


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