Dream Time: A Safe Place in a Spooky House

Good day, the Duck’s got another random dream to share with you all.  On the night of 1/15/19, I dreamt I was in my house, but it was different, with a different layout and two stories.  It was very dark, and I was hearing some strange noises.  I was standing on one end of the house looking at the other, but from here, I couldn’t see where the noise was coming from.  It sounded like people, though, and I was considering calling the police.

I finally went to check out the source of the noise, phone in hand, only to find what appeared to be several very realistic humanoid robots in the house.  This was, apparently, a normal occurrence, so I decided there was nothing to be afraid of.  Nope, no reason to worry when a small group of friendly androids suddenly appears in your house without invitation.  It’s fine.  Think nothing of it.  One of them might have even been baking in the kitchen.  Right, there’s nothing strange about this at all.

Well, suddenly, the robots were gone, and I was alone once more, feeling very nervous indeed.  So I decided to spend all my time in my room, which felt like a very safe and secure place despite the fact that I was rather anxious about the safety of the rest of my home.  My room was on the second floor, and my bed was kind of a soft and easily movable mattress on the floor.  In the corner was a small CRT TV, like the one I have for playing older video game consoles.

Though I kept my door closed at all times, I could come and go as I pleased thanks to a trap door underneath my bed.  When I wanted to leave my room, I would just move my bed aside and climb down into the living room below.  And then, I would stand on top of the couch in order to pull myself back into my room.  So, until the danger had passed, I simply decided that I would remain in the safety of my room, recording The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on my small TV.

As I touched upon earlier, though I was very nervous that my house was unsafe, there was an undeniable feeling of comfort and security when I was in my room.  It was actually quite peaceful, despite the dream starting off rather creepy, and I can still feel that sense of safety that I actually wish I felt more often in real life.  Honestly, it seems to be a recurring theme for me when I dream about houses, or rooms of houses, that feel supremely safe and comforting, like nothing bad can possibly happen when I’m inside them.  At this point, they might even be rivalling my dreams about bakeries….

Photo by Anton Kraev on Unsplash

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