Listmas 2018: Lesser-Known Movies from my Ducklinghood

In recent weeks, the Duck has become quite focused on uncovering the identities of old movies I watched as a duckling.  You see, I have many fond memories of either borrowing movies from the library or renting them from the local VHS rental store.  And so, I’d like to list all the lesser known (basically, non-Disney) animated children’s movies I watched as a duckling.  Without further ado…

The Thief and the Cobbler: This is one movie that I was really fond of as a duckling.  A friend introduced me to it, and I quickly hunted down my own copy of the movie for myself.  The story mainly revolves around Tack the cobbler and an unnamed thief, the latter of whom steals the three golden orbs protecting the city, leaving Tack and Princess Yum Yum (no joke) to stop the evil One-Eye army from destroying the city.

This movie actually has an interesting history, which is rather lengthy, but basically, it took 30 years to make, and by the end, Miramax kind of butchered it by adding voice acting to the two, previously, silent title characters and a few corny songs.  While I liked the Miramax version of the movie as a duckling, nowadays I would recommend seeking out the “Recobbled” version for free on Youtube, which is as close to the original intention of the film as one can find.  That means the terrible songs and voice acting have been removed, and what remains is a very strange, but entertaining experience.  The exploits of the thief in particular play out like a rather zany silent film, if you ask me.

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumber Land: For the longest time, I could not remember the name of this particular movie.  All I could recall was a door, behind which was an evil ooze that escaped when the protagonist opened it, and a sleazy guy with a cigar.  After some searching online, I found that the movie in question was Little Nemo, a story about a boy who enters his dreams and releases the nightmares due to his own lack of common sense.  Honestly, never listen to a clown smoking a cigar!

You can watch the full movie for free on Youtube, something I decided to do recently to revisit the memories of my ducklinghood.  The movie’s pretty decent for a kid’s movie (it lags in the second half, but I really liked the first half of it), and I remember the spooky nightmare ooze terrifying me as a duckling!

The Pebble and the Penguin: I don’t remember this movie too well, except there was a penguin that wanted to give a pebble to the lady-penguin he liked….  And there was a macaroni penguin, which I thought was the tastiest sounding penguin ever.  I later looked this movie up out of curiosity and found that it got terrible reviews.  While I don’t remember it really being that bad, I haven’t seen it in so long, so I really have no idea how it holds up today.

The Pagemaster: I have yet to rewatch this particular movie, but I remember watching it a lot as a duckling.  I think it switched between live-action and animation and had a boy go on adventures with his three book companions, a pirate book, a fairy book (?), and a horror book.  I only remembered the title because Peanut Butter Gamer made a video on the game version of the movie some years back.  I’d really like to watch this one again sometime and see what I think of it today.

We’re Back: I think I can find this movie for free on Youtube, but I have yet to try and watch it….  Anyway, I loved dinosaurs as a duckling, so it was no wonder I watched this movie a bunch back then.  I remember dinosaurs in the city and a circus where they all turn scary, but not too much else.  I guess that means I should pay it another visit, eh?

A Troll in Central Park: I remember absolutely nothing about this movie, except that I recognize the cover and know that I saw it at least once.  I get the feeling I didn’t really like it….

Before you go, why not share some of the more obscure movies you watched in your childhood, dear readers?  Have you seen any of the movies listed above?  What did you think of them?  The comment section is waiting for you below.

5 thoughts on “Listmas 2018: Lesser-Known Movies from my Ducklinghood

  1. I just watched a review of The Land Before Time and Watership Down, which aren’t terribly obscure. I loved Watership Down and wasn’t remotely scarred by it as other people were. I remember thinking how cool it was as a kid. I’m actually more scarred by it now as an adult since I know more about what was happening lol.


    1. I used to love The Land Before Time as a duckling. As for Watership Down, I’ve actually been considering watching it lately on Netflix, but was worried it would be too sad. I do wonder if I should consider checking it out, though….

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      1. Some of the reviews of the Netflix one haven’t been too stellar, but I still want to check it out. I bought the movie a few years ago but I got it on Blu-Ray, which is fine, but I wanted a copy on DVD so I could watch it on my computer. Amazon Prime has it for only $9.99 to own and I think $3.99 to rent.


      2. Yeah, I saw Youtube recommending a video comparing the movie and Netflix versions of Watership Down, but I haven’t gotten around to watching it. I should watch it sometime to see which version I should check out….

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