The Duck Tries Eye and Hair Coloring Tutorials

As the Duck attempts to improve my drawing skills, every once in a while, I try to follow along with some tutorials in the areas in which I am the weakest.  I have checked out tutorials on facials expressions, hands, and shading, and following along with some Bob Ross paintings seemed like good practice for natural landscapes.  The newest area in which I wanted to learn how to improve was in coloring eyes and hair.

When coloring eyes, I had read that you have to keep in mind the fact that eyes are clear on the front, and light, when traveling downwards, leaves the bottom of the iris brighter than the top.  As far as hair goes, well, coloring all those countless strands is no easy feat, either.  So below, I have provided the video tutorials I used in my efforts to improve my coloring skills.

Video by Youtube User: Batool AlKhawaja

Video by Youtube User: Pluvias

And below we have…my attempts.  For the eye, I copied the tutorial as closely as I could, though it didn’t turn out as good as the example.  For the hair, I thought I’d practice with a picture I did of Ly from the Rayman series, with the original hair on the left and the newer hair method on the right.  I’ll admit my attempts at coloring hair is a bit…sloppy, but hopefully this gave me the practice I needed to do better in the future!

A for effort, Duck!

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