Top 6 Songs from Crash Bandicoot

Not so very long ago, I finally had the pleasure of playing the original Crash Bandicoot game thanks to the N. Sane Trilogy on the PlayStation 4.  As you may have noticed by now, I enjoy listing my favorite video game music, and I certainly couldn’t ignore the very first Crash Bandicoot game.  Just keep in mind that this list includes music from the updated soundtrack, not the original one from the PS1.  But seriously, you can’t deny that Vicarious Visions did an excellent job remaking this game in all respects, music included!  And I’m doing a “top 6” list because I wanted to include an…

Honorable Mention – Hog Wild/Whole Hog: Because darn it, this song is hilarious!  You gotta love a song that contains every slapstick sound effect imaginable.  Is that a rubber ducky at 0:19?

5 – Lights Out/Fumbling in the Dark: This music takes place in two very similar levels where one must navigate the darkened corridors of Dr. Cortex’s castle.  (Why do villains always get to have cool castles?)  This song has a very mysterious tone to it, which I think goes quite nicely with a dark, medieval-style castle.

4 – Slippery Climb: Easily the worst level of the game, I’m just grateful I had some fun music to listen to the entire…hour and a half I kept repeatedly dying.  I mean, just because I hate the level, that’s no excuse to take it out on the background music, right?

3 – Dr. Nitrus Brio: Played during Dr. Brio’s boss fight and bonus levels, this music is appropriately hardcore!  On a side note, there’s something about rock and roll music in games starring cute anthropomorphic animals that just cracks me up (another example being 38 seconds into the final boss fight in Donkey Kong Country).

  2 – Dr. Neo Cortex: An awesome song for the final boss fight of the game.  It’s as epic as you’d expect!

1 – Heavy Machinery/Castle Machinery: Factory/machinery-related levels never fail to have the best music.  Before starting Heavy Machinery, I wondered if this would be the case once again.  And it totally was!  Love that beat.

Which songs were your favorites from the game?  And do you prefer the original songs or the remastered versions on the PS4?

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