Will the Next Plant-estant Step Right Up?

In the past, I wrote about the many plants I attempted to care for and lost over the years.  Recently, I tried once more at growing a nice pot of nature in my house, a small group of cilantro sprouts, but they, too, died, despite the can informing me, nay, promising me, that they were “guaranteed to grow”.  Yeah, and I’m guaranteed to be a rich millionaire one day.  Apparently you can guarantee anything you darn well please.

I had all but given up on the prospect of raising plants to become healthy, well-adjusted citizens until my dad bought me a lovely azalea bonsai.  I have always loved bonsai, considering they are tiny tree-babies, after all.  Why, I loved them so much that I owned every bonsai in Animal Crossing (including an azalea bonsai) and put a lot of emphasis into displaying them despite my fictional house always being so crowded with other assorted junk.  Like my real house.

Well, I’m going to try really hard to keep this little bonsai alive.  There are a lot more directions this time around that I will work very hard at following, even though my plants usually live until I start trying to really take care of them….

It’s still alive…for now….

This is what it looks like thus far, having had very little time in my cursed care.  Please wish this bonsai luck and prosperity, won’t you?


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