In the Misty Woods

I’ve never been great at coming up with original ideas.  That’s probably why I so enjoy fan art and fan fiction because it saves me the trouble of having to come up with any original characters or worlds for them to inhabit.  A little while back, however, the idea for a random original creature popped into my head, and I just had to draw it before my rare bout of creativity vanished.

If you were walking alone in the woods, and you saw this fine fellow…would you wave hello or run screaming?

I’m not sure what this creature is supposed to be, but I had a very clear vision in my head for what it should look like, and I think it turned out exactly as I envisioned in my mind’s eye.  I also had a lot of fun doing the background.  The practice I gained from painting with Bob Ross, paired with a few references I got from Unsplash (a great site for downloading images that don’t require credit), helped me to create some decent scenery despite backgrounds being a major weakness of mine.  All the trees were drawn with the same color and a 100% opaque brush, but the scenery looks foggy thanks to multiple layers of semi-transparent mist.

The ground came from this photo…
And the rest of the scenery came from this one….

8 thoughts on “In the Misty Woods

      1. That’s how I look at it. Basically, if encountered under the right circumstances, it’s probably perfectly gentle, unless someone ticks it off or encounters it at night, perhaps. I could definitely see it silently stalking some poor unlucky hiker in the woods.

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