This Blog Post Has No Windows and No Doors

Look closely at the image below and tell me if it looks familiar….

Four seemingly ordinary portraits…of some weird people.

Yes, if you’re a Haunted Mansion fan, as I most certainly am, then you may have noticed that these pictures look awfully reminiscent of the stretching portraits, except for being, well, completely different.  I thought it would be fun for this year’s Halloween to create my own rendition of the Haunted Mansion’s famed stretching portraits, this time featuring the characters from Ratchet and Clank.  (I also wrote a Ratchet and Clank parody of A Christmas Carol mixed with A Wonderful Life, which can be found both on and Deviant Art, so mixing Ratchet and Clank with other things seems to be a bit of a habit of mine.)

The portraits are coming along nicely so far, but…you will not be allowed to discover how those pictured above met their ends until Halloween, when the full portraits shall be revealed!  What?!  There’s still several more weeks until Halloween, you say?  Now that is a dismaying observation indeed!

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