Top Songs from Metroid Prime

I recently had the great pleasure of replaying Metroid Prime, a masterpiece on the GameCube that is considered to be one of the greatest games ever made. Metroid Prime has a lot going for it, including a focus on exploration over fighting and detailed, immersive environments, the latter of which is greatly helped thanks to the game’s atmospheric soundtrack.

Today’s post will list my top five songs from the game, with the exception that this list is not going to include the music that plays during the credits, as that is easily one of my favorite songs of all time, making its inclusion in the list a bit unfair…and a bit redundant.

5: Phendrana Drifts While exploring the snow-covered region of Phendrana, you get to enjoy a calming, simple tune that makes one feel as peaceful as they do chilly.

4: Magmoor Caverns While caverns are normally quite dark, Magmoor Caverns is not…because there’s plenty of lava to light your way. Oh, boy… Nevertheless, I really enjoy the music here. This particular tune adds just a touch more danger to our trek through these magma-filled caves, the steady beat enough to keep me marching forward at an equally steady pace.

3: Planet Tallon IV Upon arriving on Tallon IV, you are greeted with this epic tune. When I first played this game all those years ago, I couldn’t help but feel a burst of excitement upon hearing this music, propelling me onward at twice the speed in my eagerness to begin this new adventure.

2: Underwater Frigate Reactor Core Despite taking place in the underwater depths of a crashed space frigate, this song is exceedingly tranquil. Since this ship formerly belonged to a band of space pirates, I like to think that the water now filling the ship’s hull is washing away the atrocities committed here and giving peace to countless doomed test subjects.

1: Chozo Artifact Temple I find this to be the most beautiful song in the game. It fills me with awe at what is surely a sacred place, mixed with sadness as I remember that the people who built this place are long gone. Though Samus ultimately defeats the source of the Great Poison referenced in the Chozo Lore scattered throughout the game, it would appear her victory comes too late for the Chozo that once inhabited Tallon IV.

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