Drawing: Rayman and Ly – June 2018

I felt like putting together the steps involved in one of my more recent pictures, a drawing I made of Rayman and Ly from the Rayman series.  It’s easily one of my most detailed pictures thus far, and painting along with Bob Ross has certainly helped me with the background.  Backgrounds are a weakness of mine, but I’m slowly improving.

How to draw a Rayman…

As you can see, my drawing process begins with a pencil sketch.  In the past, I used to ink my drawings before I scanned them into the computer, but now I do the line art on the computer instead, which makes for cleaner, and quicker, lines.  The rest is quite self-explanatory, though I do want to point out a fairly new habit of mine where I color in the lines to make them look a bit less conspicuous.  I think it’s a decent look.

Just chillin’ in the Glade of Dreams…

2 thoughts on “Drawing: Rayman and Ly – June 2018

    1. Thanks! I’m rather proud of this picture. It’s easily the best I’ve done so far, and it’s currently my most popular picture on DA. This picture has 39 faves, and my second most popular has 19.

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