Day 19: A Game Setting You Wished You Lived In

At this point, my 30-day video game topic challenge has taken me far beyond 30 days, but I’m still plodding along.  If you have an exceedingly excellent memory, you may notice that I have skipped day 17 and 18.  These particular topics are quite similar, in that they ask one to write about their favorite antagonist or favorite protagonist, respectively.  For me, choosing a favorite character is far more difficult than it should be, as my preferences change with frightening regularity, making my choice of favorite character, whether villainous or heroic, next to impossible.  Instead, let’s tackle a far easier subject: in which gaming setting would the Duck like to live?

I have gone through multiple possibilities in my head, but the one that stuck was the Rayman universe.  Ever since I first played Rayman 2 on the Nintendo 64, the Glade of Dreams has remained one of the most beautiful, magical places I have ever seen.  Nearly every Rayman game sports some of the most lush and absolutely breathtaking environments known to gaming, movies, or anything else you can imagine.  Plus, Rayman’s world is inhabited by some pretty interesting creatures, including Globox and the rest of his amphibious kind, fairies, the Teensies, and our limbless hero himself.  Plus, the Glade of Dreams is one of the more peaceful places out there, and our heroes have been known to lead carefree existences between adventures.

The full title of this particular topic asks for an image of a video game setting in which I’d like to live, but I think this post’s banner serves that purpose quite nicely.  While I had considered alternatives, like the Ratchet & Clank universe, a much more technologically-advanced video game setting that sports such awesome things as robots, interplanetary travel, and where gaming is still a possibility, it is the places and creatures seen in the Rayman series that have captured my imagination like no other.  What better place to exist than a living dream?

Now it’s your turn, dear readers!  If you could live in any video game universe, which would it be?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Glade of Ducks

8 thoughts on “Day 19: A Game Setting You Wished You Lived In

      1. I have the N64 version as well, which is a bit problematic because I am not sure my memory card is still functional.


      2. That’s definitely the issue with having older copies of games. I’ve looked into getting the game on a newer console, but it’s hard to find anything like the N64 version of the game. On the PS3, you can either get the PS1 or PS2 versions, I think, but I hear they’re rather different from the N64 version of the game.

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      3. Yeah, I didn’t know the different versions varied so much, either, until I looked into it further. For example, I read that the PS1 version is missing certain stages and cutscenes (not sure which ones specifically, though). It also apparently has actual voice acting. I much prefer the gibberish the characters speak on the N64.

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