Recreating the Pixar Fest Cake…Mostly

As you may remember, during our most recent trip to Disneyland, a special several-month-long event called Pixar Fest was taking place.  The festivities came in the form of special merchandise, food, fireworks, and parades, and one of the things I was the most excited about was a three-layer cake (the colors being yellow, blue, and red) that could be found at the Plaza Inn.

Even though we visited the Plaza Inn late one evening, they were not serving this most lovely of cakes anymore (you could only get chocolate cake at this time).  Mildly disappointed (I couldn’t be too upset, as we were at Disneyland, after all, and I got some fried chicken as a consolation prize), we went home the next day with the knowledge that we may never get to try the special Pixar Fest cake ever for the rest of our lives.  I literally had several dreams over the upcoming weeks where we returned to Disneyland, and I got a second chance to eat this delightful treat.

One day, however, we decided that our lives would not need to forever have a cake-shaped void.  We could make the cake ourselves, and that’s exactly what we did.  According to a recipe we found online, we could make this cake using a vanilla cake batter, to which we would need to add lemon zest and lemon juice to one portion and cocoa powder to the other two, for one lemon cake layer and two red/blue velvet layers.  Covered in cream cheese frosting, a slice of cake is set atop raspberry puree for the final touch.

Ready to make this cake ourselves, we gathered up the ingredients and got to work, with a few changes.  One, we didn’t really feel like adding the decorations, cute as they may be.  And two, why not make the final layer raspberry instead of settling for a measly dollop of raspberry puree?  Well, soon enough, you will learn why not.  We followed the directions, though we halved everything because we only got one box of vanilla cake mix, and the recipe called for two.  Then, we added about a cup of raspberries (all mashed up by a handheld blender), along with some sugar, to the final portion of batter.  It was actually quite tasty, but…it wasn’t long before we learned why raspberry cakes are so uncommon.

A rather unassuming cake…on the outside….

After the layers were baked, we assembled the cake, took the necessary photos, and arrived at last at the most important part of the process, the eating of the cake.  The lemon and blue velvet layers were good and basically what you’d expect from such flavors.  The raspberry layer, however, was rather concerning, as it was super soggy and just generally quite creepy in texture.  I think the flavor was fine, but the moisture from the berries means that a raspberry cake is just not very practical.  I think the cake is called a “Celebration Cake”.  But I think in this instance, there’s not much to celebrate over.  But hey, once you scrape the raspberry layer off, you still have a pretty fine cake.

A slice of fun! Once you get rid of the raspberry part!

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