The Duck’s Disneyland Ride Tour 2018 Part 2

We have arrived at part 2 of the Duck’s Disneyland ride-ranking (part 1 can be found here).  This part of the list ranges from the peaceful to the frightening!

12: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – This dark ride in Critter Country gets points for large quantities of cuteness.

You can kind of see Toad Hall below and to the right of the Matterhorn.  Dumbo was actually closed during this visit….

11: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – This was the one remaining Fantasyland dark ride I had yet to check out, so it was high time we paid Toad Hall a visit.  I found this ride to be quite fun because it’s faster than the other dark rides and quite wild indeed.  And I can’t help but find it rather amusing that Disneyland has a ride where you get hit by a train and go to…um, heck.  You heard it from Disneyland, folks.  God has no patience for unsafe driving.

10: Jungle Cruise – Okay, so the Jungle Cruise is one of those rides that depends a lot on which cast member you get.  We actually got a pretty funny lady this time around who actually used some jokes I hadn’t heard before.  And she even refrained from mentioning the backside of water!  Bravo!  While some of the jokes can get a bit stale, I still think this is a rather relaxing ride.  It’s also a lot of fun at night.

9: Alice in Wonderland – This particular dark ride moved up the ranks a bit, I think.  Upon our second ride through, I ended up enjoying this one more than I remembered last year, despite the fact that I couldn’t see too well after getting water in my eye from the parade going by.  (Who the heck squirted water at me!)  Wonderland is just far too whimsical to put any lower on the list.

8: Snow White’s Scary Adventures – Like Pinocchio, this particular ride falls into the category of…riding a vehicle through some scenery.  It’s still very cute, however, so I can’t help but rank it fairly high.  Snow White’s a classic!

The large window above this ride sometimes opens to reveal the Evil Queen. Spooky.
Why is this my only photo of Adventureland…?

7: Indiana Jones Adventure – This was one of two rides I really wanted to check out during our most recent visit to Disneyland, the other being Splash Mountain.  I heard a lot of good things about this one and was very excited for our fast pass time to arrive at 8 PM.  I kind of recommend doing this one at night, if only because the outdoor part of the queue is really cool in the dark.  The indoor queue is pretty cool, as well, though I am grateful to have enjoyed it in passing, as our fast pass allowed us to skip about an hour of wait time.

I would like to point out that I am ranking this ride based more on its merits than how much I actually liked it.  Because I personally found it to be extremely rough and much too loud, two factors that make it extremely unlikely I’ll ever be visiting this particular corner of Adventureland again.  Nevertheless, setting aside my personal issues, I certainly see why this ride is so popular because it can be pretty fun and immersive.  When one is not simply terrified their seat belt might fail them, that is….

Well, all that’s left now is part 3, where we discuss the Duck’s top six rides at Disneyland, including my experiences with Splash Mountain and its drop of doom!  I hope you’ll join me then!

4 thoughts on “The Duck’s Disneyland Ride Tour 2018 Part 2

  1. I liked the journey through the scenes rides and the merry-go-round for a return to childhood few moments. But those fast loopy and high and drop monsters are heart attack city. If I go to the fair the only ride is the one to and from in the car.


    1. That’s one thing I really like about Disneyland; there are a lot of slower rides, which is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like anything fast and scary. Most parks wouldn’t have anything for me to do, as it’s all roller coasters and other terrifying things.


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