The Duck’s Disneyland Ride Tour 2018 Part 1

The best part of Disneyland, as we all know, is the rides.  And one thing I love about the rides at Disneyland is the fact that they have something for everyone, especially people like myself who don’t enjoy rides that are fast or otherwise scary.  (Most theme parks would have literally nothing for me to do.  Except eat, of course.)  I would like to spend the next couple of posts reviewing and ranking the various attractions Mother Duck and I got to ride, including those we rode last year but didn’t check out on our newest visit (signified by italics).

Keep in mind that I’m trying to rank these rides not solely based on personal opinion.  For example, I can objectively say that Splash Mountain is a good ride deserving of its popularity, even if I, for one, would never ride it again due to that awful 52-foot drop at the end.  Of course, my own opinions will, inevitably, affect my rankings, but I wanted to keep things as fair as possible.  If you’re curious about last year’s posts, here are the links to part 1 and part 2.

Oh, wait, this is the Astro Orbiter, not Astro Blaster….  Welp, enjoy my only photo of Tomorrowland.

19: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters – To be completely honest, I didn’t really enjoy this ride.  Of course, I totally understand that it’s really more for kids, who would surely enjoy shooting targets and trying to beat their old high score.  For Mother Duck and I, however, this was not really our thing.  For something positive, I did like the Buzz Lightyear animatronic in the queue area.  He was pretty cool.  As far as points go, Mother Duck got 30,000, while I got 13,900.  Apparently my years of gaming have NOT paid off!

18: AutopiaThis is one ride we didn’t visit during our most recent trip, due to it not being terribly fun because of how difficult it can be getting the car to drive for more than a few seconds at a time.  Plus, I’m pretty sure Autopia’s queue area is the main culprit responsible for our terrible sunburns last year.

17: Storybook Land Canal Boats – This ride is…fine.  There’s not really much to say besides…the miniatures are cute, but not worth revisiting.

16: Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin – We visited Toon Town early Sunday morning to check out this ride, which we heard was quite popular.  Fortunately, due to the early hour, we only had a 5 to 10-minute wait.  I will admit that the queue area is pretty cool, but I don’t really understand the spinning aspect of this ride.  You’re supposed to be able to turn the steering wheel to spin your vehicle, right?  Well, that doesn’t seem possible because the steering wheel is already spinning on its own, so you can’t really grab it very easily.  Maybe it doesn’t matter in the end because the vehicle already spins on its own, though this was also the reason we typically found ourselves facing away from everything.  (The people behind us seemed to have the same problem.  We know because we ended up facing them most of the time.)  Even so, being the only dark ride where you get to ride a spinning taxi cab, I have to admit that it was still fun.  Just not my favorite.

Zoom in and look just above the marching band, and you’ll see Pinocchio over the entrance to the ride….

15: Pinocchio’s Daring Journey – This ride is fun enough, but now that I have ridden every dark ride at Disneyland, I have begun to group them into two categories.  Dark rides that have some unique feature (such as the previous entry’s spinning vehicle) and dark rides that are basically just a vehicle that moves through some scenery.  I count Pinocchio amongst the latter.  It’s a perfectly good ride, but not the most unique experience.  Then again, this is the only Disney ride I know of that has a swear word in it, so that’s pretty uncommon….

14: Mad Tea Party – Spinning around in teacups is a lot of fun, and the lines aren’t typically very long.  This one is a good alternative for those who like rides that move a bit faster, but who don’t enjoy roller coasters.  Like me.  The lanterns are also beautiful at night.

You don’t have to be mad to appreciate this sight.
And here we have It’s a Long Line….

13: It’s a Small World – Another ride we didn’t go on this time due to surprisingly long lines.  It’s a Small World is very cute, and it’s rather fun looking out for the Disney characters throughout.  Just beware because that music will seriously get stuck in your head.

In the next post, we will be discussing…rides ranked #7-12, which includes a particularly harrowing experience with Indiana Jones.  See you then!

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