The Duck’s Disneyland Food Tour 2018

Before we cover rides, I’d like to rank all of the food we had at Disneyland, including a few things we tried last year (in italics).  I’m feeling rather hungry, so let’s get right to it.  If you’d like to read last year’s food post, you can find it here.

7: Bratwurst Sausage (Troubadour Tavern) – We ate at the Troubadour Tavern last year, and it was one place we chose not to revisit this time.  The bratwurst is perfectly good, but nothing exciting.  If you’re in the mood for a hot dog, you’d be better off getting…

6: Corndog (Little Red Wagon) – A corndog instead!  These corndogs are pretty good and can be found at the Little Red Wagon next to the Plaza Inn.  Mother Duck and I had to share one because they are so big (a lot of the food at Disneyland can be shared, so it’s a good way to save money).  Last time, the batter was a little undercooked (due to how thick it is), but this time, it was just right.  So much better than the corndogs you’ll find in the frozen section of your grocery store….

5: Slow-Roasted Louisiana Beef Stew and French Market Chicken (French Market Restaurant) – Like last time, the French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square is a good place for tasty, but less expensive, food.  While they are doing away with the meatloaf, Mother Duck was able to try the beef stew, while I got the same thing as last time, the chicken.  While she was less impressed by the food this time, my chicken was still pretty good (it’s oven-roasted, but it tastes like rotisserie), and we both agreed that the mashed potatoes were awesome!

4: Chicken (Plaza Inn) – Fortunately for us, it would appear that these magnificent mashed potatoes can be found elsewhere throughout the park, as they are also present at the Plaza Inn on Main Street.  Don’t worry if you failed to make a reservation because we were still able to eat here Sunday night, though we did have to wait in a long line.  This restaurant is famous for its fried chicken, which we both ordered.  While this place costs a bit more, you get a lot of food, including: those delicious mashed potatoes, string beans, a biscuit (which was not very good), and, of course, three pieces of delicious fried chicken.

3: Trio of Street Tacos and…I Forget… (Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante) – First off, this particular restaurant is really pretty and has a nice place to eat outside in the shade.  Secondly, Mother Duck and I both enjoyed the food here (Mother Duck got some kind of burrito, the name of which I can’t remember).  I always love places that serve taco trios because of the variety.  Here, you get beef, chicken, and carnitas, all three of which were quite good.

A lovely place to eat indeed.

2: Gumbo (Blue Bayou) – I believe the Blue Bayou requires a reservation 6 months in advance and is most assuredly the most expensive and difficult place to get into in the park (after Club 33, of course).  That is the very reason we didn’t eat here again during this trip.  While their food was pretty good, there are honestly other places in Disneyland just as tasty for a fraction of the price.  The Blue Bayou simply gets this spot because their gumbo is amazing, the atmosphere equally so!

Inside the Blue Bayou…

1: Banyan Beef Skewer, Chieftain Chicken Skewer, and Jungle Juleps (Bengal Barbecue) – I kept hearing good things about the Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland, so we decided to visit the place Saturday night after riding Indiana Jones.  This might be my favorite restaurant in the park.  This place serves skewers of either meat or veggies, with various tasty sauces.  It is also very inexpensive, for about $5 per skewer, and a very fun place to hang out after dark.  Lastly, and most importantly, their food is really good.  The chicken skewer had a really good sauce, while the beef was super tender, though the sauce was a bit too spicy.  I would probably try the Bengal Beef Skewer instead in the future to see if I can get the same tender meat without lighting my poor mouth on fire.  We also got Jungle Juleps, a cold slushie beverage containing pineapple, orange, grape, and lemon juice.  These were really good, as well, and much better than the mint juleps we tried last year….

Honorable Mention: Spicy Southwest Chicken Sandwich (Earl of Sandwich) – I would also like to mention one restaurant in Downtown Disney that we visited the morning before our flight home.  I hear a lot of people like this place, which also happened to be one of the only restaurants serving lunch early in the morning.  We got the new Spicy Southwest Chicken Sandwich, which was very good.  The chicken was tender, and it was quite spicy indeed (but not quite as fiery as that Banyan Beef!).

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