Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 3

I’m still working diligently on Final Fantasy VIII, using guides as I go so as not to miss anything.  (I was using a guide on a website called Jegged, but then I kept getting lots of weird popups, so I switched to IGN.)  I have recently reached disc 3 and am currently all caught up on side quests and Triple Triad and the like.  And I have noticed one very surprising difference between this playthrough and my last.  When junctioning correctly, this game is…incredibly easy.

So is Triple Triad, which has been going great.  I accumulated so many good cards that even the random rule hasn’t been a big deal for me.  It does indeed help to turn all your wimpier cards into items, even if this plan isn’t 100% effective, since some cards require you to have certain numbers in order to change them.  (For example, you may have 4 of a certain card, but you might need 5 in order to create an item out of it.)  Even so, I have been winning cards with ease, my most recent acquisition being Edea’s card, which you can obtain from the sorceress herself.

I have also completed the Card Club side quest and have been working from time to time on the Queen of Cards side quest, as well, which involves losing specific cards to her in order to win rare cards from other characters.  (But worry not, you can win your lost cards back from her son in Dollet.)  This is where the random rule in Dollet became a problem because the game wouldn’t pick the correct card I needed.  Fortunately, I followed a guide to eliminate the random rule from Dollet, so problem solved.

I have also obtained more GFs, including the Tonberry King, and I gained tons of AP from the cactuars off the coast of Cactuar Island.  In the process, I also learned Enc-None with Diablos, so I don’t have to fight random enemies anymore.  This made reaching Odin quick and easy (you have a 20-minute time limit to reach and defeat him, which is no big deal).  The funny thing is, when I occasionally lose a rare card in Triple Triad, killing off my characters for a game over has gotten way tougher.  Either Odin shows up and defeats everything, or Phoenix brings everyone back to life.  Just let me die already!

I also completed the Chocobo Forest side quest.  Now that was actually really annoying.

One final thing I’m really proud of is the fact that I recently got Squall’s strongest weapon, Lion Heart.  It was rather annoying to obtain because you have to win a lot of Elnoyle cards in order to gather up the necessary items, but I was determined.  I’m also super happy to be past the part of the game where you have to defeat that flying soldier in midair.  The worst parts of the game for me are the flying soldier and the part early on where you have to run from the spider robot.  At this point, though, it should be smooth sailing from here.

Starting out, I had serious doubts as to whether or not I’d be able to complete this game.  Now it’s pretty much guaranteed based on how great everything has been going.  Bosses that used to cause me trouble are now pushovers.  It’s been…pretty great.

Oh, and do you remember the part of the game where you pick instruments for your characters to play?  I totally picked the wrong ones, and it sounded horrible.  It was pretty hilarious.

Anyway, we’ve got two discs left to go, and now that I’ve caught up on side quests for the time being, I get to focus almost entirely on the story at this point.  I’m happy to say the game has been much more fun this time around, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.  Ta-ta for now, dear readers!

9 thoughts on “Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 3

  1. I think I use GameFAQs for guides. They have a ton to pick from and if you don’t like one, you can usually find another. The game is INCREDIBLY easy once you figure out the Junction system. I found that out the second time I tried it, and reverting your lesser cards to items is a great way to deal with unavoidable random rules. I’m curious why you kill your characters off after a loss instead of resetting. I hated that mini-game with the paratrooper, nor was I fond of the red dragon fight with Laguna. Mini-games leave too many things up to chance. I absolutely HATE being chased, so I didn’t like the spider scene either. I believe you can defeat it, but it’s really difficult to do so.


    1. It’s rather silly, but I usually kill my characters off because…I’m paranoid about resetting my console too much. It probably won’t hurt my PS2 at all, but I’m not taking any chances….

      Anyway, I rather dislike the “extra stuff” in the game, like the paratrooper. Suddenly, I can’t proceed in the game because I can’t figure out this totally new thing? It seems quite unfair.

      It’s funny how simple the game is at this point. I fought a level 100 Malboro the other day in order to get some items I needed. Deciding it might be too tough, I kind of gave up and didn’t bother healing my characters. A few limit breaks later, and I had won.

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      1. Oooooh, I never really thought about that! The PS2 is a pretty tough machine, but they can wear out. I’m impressed with the fact that mine is one of the originals, and it STILL works. There’s a point later in FFVIII where you can have Angelo (Rinoa’s dog) dig up items in battle. You essentially fight this one monster, blind it, and just let the battle go overnight. When you get up, you finish the battle and collect tons of loot. I’ve done this a few times and the system shows no signs of slowing down.

        Yeah, I’m not fond of it either. I wish it were skippable. I’m always happen when I get past those parts, though I am glad if you fail, they just start you at the beginning.


      2. I think my PS2 is one of the originals, too, and it still works like new (and it was refurbished by Sony because my VERY first PS2 had a bad memory card slot the day I bought it). That’s funny about blinding the enemy and letting the dog dig up items. It’s so easy to take advantage of enemies in this game. That kind of reminds me of the Deep Sea Research Center that I completed the other day. I just kept putting enemies to sleep and/or making their levels go down, and I completed the place with ease. Nothing in this game takes effort anymore. And with Lion Heart, I beat Ultima in probably two minutes. It was great!

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      3. That part of the game always creeped me out. I would do it because the rewards were so good, but it was such an eerie, eerie area. The music in the beginning before you face that one enemy is utterly eldritch especially with the added in vocalizations. I would always get in and get out as soon as possible. I think because under the sea is a completely alien place on our own planet (if you really want some horror with that, check out a game called SOMA *shudders*)

        I’d use the sleep or blind technique to draw magic! Blind was usually better because it didn’t wear off and the enemies were rendered helpless while I stole all of their magic :p


      4. Speaking of creepy things, I just made it to disc 4, where I recently defeated a half-woman/half-caterpillar monstrosity. That thing will haunt me forever….

        It’s great inflicting enemies with status problems so that they’re helpless. Right now, one of my characters gives most enemies silence, poison, and blind with a single hit. Probably Rinoa. She’s always in my party because it’s fun to have her dog jump in and help every now and then.

        I looked up SOMA, and it looks like a pretty interesting game. I really need to get an account on Steam someday. They have a lot of intriguing games.

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      5. I love Angelo. I want to hug him ♥

        Sometimes I feel bad for them as I desperately try to hit my while I drain them of their magic mwahahaha!

        Steam has so many great games, and the Summer Sale is probably coming up soon!


      6. Angelo is the best video game dog ever. He’s so helpful. I was fighting Omega the other day, and he brought Rinoa back to life when everyone died, saving me from a game over. …My entire party died once again a few minutes later, but Angelo’s assistance was much appreciated, nonetheless.

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