Painting Happy Trees with Bob Ross

In a recent post, the Duck discussed a few new art tips I had learned that had helped to improve my drawing.  One other area in which I wanted to improve was landscapes.  I have never been particularly adept at drawing backgrounds, so I decided some practice was in order.  The answer to my woes turned out to be…Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting series.

So from time to time, the Duck has been following along with Bob Ross on Youtube, painting happy trees and lazy clouds.  Of course, it’s been a bit different trying to replicate his work on Photoshop, but I have tried my best, and I believe I have already become more confident in my landscape abilities.  Starting out, I wanted to focus on water, and you can find my first collection of images below.  The paintings were done in this order:

  • Seascape: Season 1, Episode 9
  • Bubbling Brook: Season 5, Episode 7
  • Misty Waterfall: Season 7, Episode 6
  • Waves of Wonder: Season 15, Episode 6
Behold, the joy of moisture!

If you’re interested in painting along with Bob Ross, every episode of his Joy of Painting series can be found for free on Youtube, and boy, are there a lot of them.  I’m not totally sure what sort of landscapes I want to focus on next, but whatever I choose, the Duck has certainly been discovering the joys (and frustrations) of painting indeed.

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