Top 10 Songs from Okami

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of replaying one of my favorite games of all time, Okami.  I really love adventure games, and Okami certainly delivers an unforgettable adventure, coupled with unique gameplay where you draw various brushstrokes in order to fight enemies and solve puzzles.  The game is so good…I still love it despite the fact that my drawings don’t register a large percentage of the time.  (I get angry quite often at this game, in fact, and yet I still adore it.)  Yet another area where Okami excels is the excellent soundtrack.  Behold, my top ten songs from the game!

10: Battle of Ninetails – This first song takes place, obviously, during the battle with, well, Ninetails.  And…I don’t know…it’s super epic.  And Okami is great when it comes to epic music.  I have nothing more to say!  Read the next one now!

9: Susano’s Training (Susano’s Theme) – This song is far more heroic sounding than it has any right to be, considering it is the theme of Susano, a lazy, arrogant man who wields a wooden sword.  At least Susano is amusing.  That makes up for his failings.  Oh, and this song helps, too.

8: Sei-an City (Commoners’ Quarters) – So what if this is the section of the city where the commoners live?  Their music is so much better than what the rick folk get!

7: Battle of Orochi II – What is cooler than an eight-headed dragon?  The music that plays when you fight an eight-headed dragon!  Wait, no, swap those.  Even so, this music is fittingly awesome for a battle against Okami’s coolest villain, Orochi.

6: Giant Monster in Wait – This song gives me chills.  It first plays in the room just before you fight the Spider Queen, and boy, does it make you feel like something terrible is about to happen.  Easily one of the most ominous songs ever.  Oh, and is that a shamisen?  I want one, if only to be able to play this song myself.  I’d roam around the countryside, playing this song and making strangers feel inexplicably uneasy.

5: Inside the Water Dragon – I wouldn’t have expected the music inside a dragon’s guts to be so beautiful, and yet, here we are.  It’s strangely…melancholy.

4: Crimson Helm, Begone! (Boss Theme) – Why is my computer saying “begone” is not a word?  Yes, it is!  Just like this is the general boss theme, despite being named specifically after one boss.  Um…I have nothing more to say here than…I don’t know…Okami music is epic.  I have to stop saying everything is “epic”….

3: Kushi’s Ride – Okay, so…this song…it plays a few times throughout the game, and I always felt there was something rather emotional about it.  It makes me think of…bravery.  Look, I didn’t say it was epic!  Even if it is!

2: Ezofuji, Wawku Shrine – Oh my gosh, this song is so cool, and I love it so much!  Ahem…this plays in the last “dungeon” of the game, and it’s just so different from everything that came before it.  I love that the beat sounds like the ticking of a clock.

1: Battle of the Twin Demons – Ah, the boss theme of the clockwork owls, just a tad more awesome than the song that came before.  These two tracks are easily some of my favorite songs of all time.  I love the parts that sound like gears being wound up.  Excellent work, Capcom!

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