You Sweater Believe It

Mother Duck and I enjoy watching Kitten Academy, a Youtube channel where you can watch 24/7 live streams, and shorter close-up videos, of the many kittens they foster.  These kittens have a good deal of delightful toys and have been a major influence in us buying extra goodies for our kitty Elsa.  Since watching Kitten Academy, Elsa has gotten a cat tower, assorted toys, and a tunnel, not to mention the topic of this post.

Elsa’s greatness knows no bounds!

Around Christmas time, we started noticing sweater beds on Kitten Academy, which are sweaters that have been filled with stuffing in order to make delightfully comfortable beds for our kitty comrades to nap upon.  Not to be outdone, Mother Duck and I decided to create Elsa her own bed out of an old sweater, and she seems to love it.  It was actually a bit of a mistake because now she has no reason to visit us anymore.  She just sleeps on that dumb bed all the time.  Sniff…

Our kitty looks absolutely adorable on her new bed, and we just had to take some photos to commemorate the occasion.  The day our cat grew bored of us…because she loves her sweater bed more than she loves her own family….

The Only Way to Make the Bed Comfier…Duck Down

6 thoughts on “You Sweater Believe It

    1. I don’t think I’ve watched any of her videos, though I have heard of her. I should check her channel out sometime. I also watch Cole and Marmalade sometimes, as well. Their videos are pretty fun. Ine one video, they made a big house for their cats out of cardboard. They put a lot of work into it.

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