The Duck’s Youtube Channel…Goes the Way of the Dodo

G’day, folks.  I have a short update for you all.  The Duck of Indeed’s Youtube channel…has recently become deceased.  Due to some harassing and inappropriate comments, I have decided to remove all of my Youtube videos, along with any corresponding blog posts, or any other blog posts that mention my personal life or give away my appearance.  The Internet can be a rather…odd place, as we all know, so perhaps it was unwise to reveal as much about myself as I did.  Other than that, this blog, and my gaming endeavors on Virtual Bastion, will continue as usual.  Onward and tally ho!

The funny thing is…this whole bit of nonsense has actually given me the push I kind of needed…as I was starting to realize that perhaps Youtube, outside of gameplay videos anyway, was not really my thing.  I was running low on ideas, and this has opened up a bunch more time to work on the things I’m really passionate about.  I love making gameplay videos, so that shall continue as it always has.  I loves me my video games.  It just goes to show that, sometimes weird situations turn out to have a silver lining, after all.  And I’m not usually the type for positive thinking!  Good attitude, Duck!

Before I go, a special thanks to all my wonderful and supportive readers here on WordPress!  You guys are great!

Duck, You’re a Super Duper Trooper!

8 thoughts on “The Duck’s Youtube Channel…Goes the Way of the Dodo

  1. It’s a shame that small-minded people ruin experiences for others – I’d love to use YouTube more myself, but I don’t think I’d have any patience for the experience you’ve had. Glad to hear you’ll be staying on WordPress though!

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    1. Yeah, it seems there always has to be one person (or, in this case, one person who creates multiple accounts when they get blocked) that ruins things for everyone else. All my other commenters were perfectly nice, but once I started getting abusive comments, I decided I didn’t want to bother anymore. My own Youtube channel was a bit personal, and I no longer felt comfortable continuing on with it when I knew people like that were visiting my channel. Nothing else is going to change, though. They’re not going to scare me off the Internet.

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  2. I honestly don’t agree with someone taking down a youtube channel just because it’s getting haters. After all, if every youtuber made channels off of that principal, there would be no youtube channels to begin with. That being said, I do agree with you taking down your channel for other reasons, such as not really being able to enjoy it anymore (For reasons about haters or otherwise.) and I’m glad that by getting rid of your channel, you’re now able to focus on the things you’re really passionate about. Keep on keeping on, Duck. I and all your fans at WordPress will always be rooting for you! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t have gotten rid of my channel if I still honestly enjoyed it. I just realized that recording videos of the places I visit takes the fun out of it, among other things. So if the channel isn’t that fun anymore, and it’s a source of aggravation, why not just put a stop to it and move on to other, more rewarding, endeavors? I really enjoy making videos for Virtual Bastion, though, so that’s going to continue. I guess I just enjoy recording gameplay videos far more than I enjoy recording other things.

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  3. Grrrr this makes my blood run hot. It’s one thing to remove your channel because…well any other reason, but asshole people are the worst. I’m sorry you had that experience. I rarely use my channel, but I want to start doing more with it. I know there’s an option to turn off comments, but it’s like your putting stuff up because you WANT to interact with followers, but you never know whether you’re going to get a legitimate comment or harassed 😡


    1. Thanks for the support!

      That’s the conundrum with comments…you don’t want to allow bad ones, but you don’t want to block the good ones, either. Youtube has an option to moderate comments, at least, so that all comments must be approved before they go live, so at least that’s a way you can weed out the bad comments and keep the good ones. It’s a setting you can find in a video’s advanced settings, which, if you have a lot of videos, you can edit in bulk to make the job much easier. It might be something to consider if you do decide to return to Youtube and start getting uncomfortable comments.

      I am just fortunate that everyone has been very supportive in all this, including Mother Duck, my readers here, and my fellow admins on Virtual Bastion, Cary and Jacob. Much appreciated!

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