Top 8 Songs from Undertale

For the longest time, I have been meaning to play a positively intriguing PC game called Undertale, an RPG that gives players the choice to kill or show mercy to their enemies.  Problem was, I’m not big into downloading games onto my computer, so it was pretty exciting when I found that the game had become available on the PS4.  I went into the game with high expectations, and I was not disappointed, as Undertale quickly became one of my most beloved games of all time.  Alongside innovative gameplay, some rather hilarious humor, and delightful characters, the game also sports a truly spectacular soundtrack.  Below, I have listed my top seven songs from the game.  (Psst…I actually downloaded four of these as ringtones for my phone….)

8: Core – This music plays in, well, the Core.  Considering you are straying mighty close to the end of the game at this point, I must say this music is fittingly epic.  It kind of psyches you out for the final battle.  Gulp…

7: Spider Dance – This one takes place during the fight against Muffet, a spider lady who manages to be almost cute, if she wasn’t so darn creepy.  Does that make sense?  I enjoyed this song quite a bit, even if, at the same time, it gives me the shivers, not just because its fast pace makes me feel like my skin is crawling with a million tiny legs, but because it brings to mind one of the first really tough challenges of the game.  Yikes!

6: Dummy – Undertale has some pretty wacky characters, some of which are accompanied by even wackier tunes.  This fast-paced, wild song pairs great with a murderous dummy, whose movements grow more and more erratic the more damage you inflict upon him.  It seems like the perfect tune to do “an armless ska dance” to.

5: Metal Crusher – While I can’t say I’m as big a fan of Mettaton as his viewers, I did very much enjoy his battle music.  Retro, 8-bit-style music never sounded so good.

4: Megalovania – Easily the most hardcore song in Undertale, Megalovania was not an original part of my list because it only plays in the Genocide Route, during the most difficult boss fight of the game.  So yeah, if you want to go around murdering every single monster in the game, just know you’re gonna have a bad time….

3: Bonetrousle – What can I say, I love Papyrus’ battle theme about as much as I love Papyrus himself!  I’m sure this song would pair especially well with spaghetti….

2: Waterfall – While the humor in this game is excellent, there is definitely a more serious aspect to Undertale that I would be quite remiss to leave out.  The first time it really occurred to me that there was more to this game than its silly façade had led me to believe was when I reached Waterfall and heard this melancholy music.  More so than ever, it became apparent how sad it must be for the monsters living underground, who long for something as simple as the ability to gaze up at the stars.  If, in fact, they even know what stars are to begin with.  This music served as the perfect backdrop to my solemn ponderings.

1: Ruins – The music that plays during the first location of the game is quite beautiful.  This tune alone was enough to tell me that I was in for one heck of a game.  And because it did such a great job preparing me for something truly spectacular, this song gets the top spot in this list!

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6 thoughts on “Top 8 Songs from Undertale

  1. Great post, Duck! I didn’t know you hadn’t played Undertale yet, but I’m glad you finally got the chance. As for the list, it was very cool to see your opinions on what you think the best music in Undertale is! 🙂


      1. Oof, that;s a tough one… I can’t say Megalo Strike Back, as that’s not actually IN Undertale regardless of how much I love it… I’d say my favorite in the game is Metal Crusher (The official name of Mettaton’s fight theme if you were unaware.) It’s just a nice, upbeat tune, and I like it a whole lot! (It helps that one of my favorite UT fan songs is a lyrical adaptation of it. XD)


      2. Yeah, that’s definitely a good one. I also just fixed the name of the song in my post. The Youtube video I had linked to says “Metal Crusher” in the title, but I guess I didn’t notice before. I also looked up the lyrics for the song. Pretty cool. Undertale has a talented group of fans. I particularly love the fan lyrics for Bonetrousle, but I’m also quite biased because I love Papyrus so.

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      3. The version of Metal Crusher with lyrics you listened to was likely the one by KHTLL13. That one’s good, but it’s not the one I’m talking about. Though, in hindsight, the one I AM talking about might not be set to the original tune. XD

        Link to the lyrics I’m referring to:

        Also Megalo Strike back, in case you haven’t heard that and are curious:


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