The Secret of Disneyland Gumbo

During the recent trip Mother Duck and I took to Disneyland, we ate a variety of delicious things.  Our favorite meal was at the Blue Bayou, though it was not our main entrees that we remember the most fondly.  Rather, it was the gumbo that came prior that was the most scrumptious savory thing we had that fine weekend.  With our next visit to the “happiest place on Earth” sometime in the future, we had no choice but to see if we could make our own Disneyland gumbo at home.

Fortunately for us, we managed to find a recipe on for Disneyland Blue Bayou gumbo.  It could include chicken, shrimp, and/or andouille sausage.  Our meat of choice was the sausage, as it seemed the most authentically Cajun protein we could pick.  This was pretty easy to find, though we ran into a bit more trouble when it came to locating…gumbo file powder?  How this is pronounced, I know not.  It has a dash over the “e”, I can tell you that much.  And it’s not super easy to find.  A quick search on the Internet told us this seasoning could be found at Target and Wal-Mart, but this turned out to be a fib when we visited Target and found file powder nowhere to be found.  After we were left with no choice but to actually order the stuff on Amazon, we ended up finding it at our local grocery store when we were seeking out more paprika and cayenne pepper.  Woops…

Random fact: file powder is made from ground sassafras leaves, the same tree responsible for root beer.  It smells, however, like iced tea.

Our gumbo is looking awesome already, pre-file powder.
Post-file powder gumbo. It’s supposed to thicken things. Not sure if it did…

Ahem, our Disneyland gumbo was quite easy to make, even if the directions were rather scarce.  The gumbo at the Blue Bayou contained a big, sticky ball of rice, which was positively delicious.  To replicate this, we made some rice in a steamer, which has a habit of forming balls all on its own.  Once the gumbo was made, we placed a large ball of rice into our bowls and poured the gumbo over it.  And it was delicious!  While I cannot say whether or not this tastes like the gumbo at Disneyland, as I must admit I’ve already forgotten, it matters not, for this was a pretty yummy recipe.  And good food is good food.  We fully plan on making more in the future, and if you follow this link, you can, too.  Hopefully you can find file powder at your local grocery store.  Otherwise, there’s always Amazon….

A nummy, chunky bowl of gumbo. Hey, good lookin’.

Duck, Master Chef!

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