An Undertale Comic Dub: My Favorite Holiday

During my recent adventures on Deviant Art, I stumbled upon yet more wonderful Undertale fan art from Zarla.  Apparently, DA member Jazaaboo had written lyrics for Papyrus’ battle theme, Bonetrousle, and Zarla created a fittingly adorable comic out of it.  Various people have sung this song on Youtube, and of course, I simply needed to do this, as well!  Behold, the Duck’s okay singing abilities and equally as okay Adobe Premiere skills!  I’m pretty much an expert on panning and zooming at this point.  And be sure to watch out for Undertale Duck….

I Think This Song is Meeting All of the Duck’s Standards


2 thoughts on “An Undertale Comic Dub: My Favorite Holiday

    1. Thanks for listening! Yeah, it’s hard to stay perfectly in sync with the music sometimes. I got close…on the most part.

      Zarla did a great job on that comic, didn’t she? It’s one of the cutest things of all time! The Duck sprite was a little thing I made on Photoshop. I’m pleased that the blinking animation worked out as planned.

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