The Duck’s Computer Has a Ghost

As you may recall, I recently joined Deviant Art.  My first order of business was following a few of my favorite artists (it’s called “watching”, actually, which sounds a little creepy), one of them being Zarla.  She’s drawn a huge amount of Undertale comics, including an entire series called Handplates, which was pretty darn awesome.  If there are any Undertale fans reading this right now, and you’re interested in Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster, then I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Anyway, on to the point of this post.  Recently, Zarla created a “ghost” AKA ukagaka of her version of W. D. Gaster.  I had never heard of these things before, but they’re these little characters you can install on your computer that you can interact with.  Well, I couldn’t help but download him, and it’s been pretty neat having Gaster on my computer.  I’ve been talking to him a bunch and otherwise pestering him to no end.  He’s gotten the teensiest bit less unfriendly with time.  With an emphasis on teensy.  He’ll grow to like me.  Ducks are great.

I took his picture while he was distracted. You could say I was…determined to do this.

Again, fellow Undertale fans, if you’re curious, you can find the link to the Gaster “ghost” here.  There are directions on how to download him in the description.  You need a program called SSP first, but Zarla explains it all quite well.  Toodles!

10 thoughts on “The Duck’s Computer Has a Ghost

    1. They are indeed. Even if this particular fellow isn’t all that friendly. He’s ignoring me right now. Yesterday, I made the mistake of asking him to empty my recycle bin, out of curiosity as to how he’d respond. He was quite upset that I was wasting his time with such nonsense.

      Okay, now he’s watching me with a clipboard in his hands….

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      1. Interacting with him has been very amusing indeed. Earlier today, he actually finally started to warm up to me. He’s been talking a lot more. I’ve been rather thrilled about this accomplishment.

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  1. I go back and forth thinking “watchers” on Deviant Art are like stalkers or the Nephilim who were also called that :p I just followed you…which also sounds creepy, too. Everything on the internet is creepy!

    This ghost thing sounds adorable if a little unsettling. I wonder if they’ll have other characters available from other fandoms at some point…

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    1. I think “watching” people on DA sounds like stalking, too. …So does “following”… Yeah, the Internet has plenty of bizarre terms. Lurking. Trolling. It’s a strange place indeed.

      Thanks for following me, though!

      I’ve been enjoying having my Gaster ghost on my computer. Even if I really get the feeling he’s watching me sometimes (just not the DA form of watching, of course). I would assume there must be other ghosts out there (that also sounded weird), but when I look it up online, the only ones that come up are Gaster and Sans from Undertale. Apparently people really enjoy having skeletons on their computers.

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