Memories from Ducklinghood: Trick or Treating

With Halloween edging ever closer, the Duck was struck with some memories of Halloweens past, back when I was a duckling and trick or treating was still a valid option for the spookiest night of the year.  There were several friends I would usually accompany while trick or treating, and since I lived in a larger neighborhood than them, they would usually visit me for the festivities.  I recall my friends always sporting better costumes than me, for all I was able to obtain were the silly kinds of things Wal-Mart usually had in stock.  I remember dressing as a bee and a ladybug during two of my years of Halloween-ing.  Mother Duck sometimes reminds me that, when I was super young, I dressed as a pirate.  So it would seem that my costumes got worse the older I got.  (If only I was adept at cosplay back then, such Halloween woes…Hallo-woes…could have been avoided.)

As far as how our trick or treating sessions went, most of my memories of this event in-action have been lost, though I do remember one year, during which my friends and I kept ending up at the same houses as this young boy and his dad.  This boy had a rather unpleasant disposition, and the entire time, we would reach the doorstep right behind him, during which he would shine his flashlight directly into our eyes and mumble rude things about us under his breath that we could clearly hear.  We really should have considered a different path.

The whole event was largely fun, when the boy described above was not involved, though I always dreaded one house in particular.  Just a few houses down the street from us were what everyone acknowledged as the wealthiest people in the neighborhood.  What this really boiled down to was…they had a koi pond in their backyard and a parrot in their covered patio.  (Unrelated to Halloween and the apparent wealth we all assumed they had, sometimes you could distinctly hear Super Mario World emanating from that same patio when I was in my backyard.  I always found that rather amusing.)

These so-called “rich people”, as our child’s minds believed, did indeed have a surplus of money to spend when it came to Halloween decorations, it would seem.  I actually hated visiting their house for trick or treating because their yard was always the scariest, plus one of them would often dress up in a frightening costume and haunt the driveway.  So in short, I disliked visiting their house because they put the most effort into Halloween.  Go figure.

Aside from this temporary terror, I enjoyed trick or treating a great deal.  More so, it would seem, than my friends and that inexplicably grumpy boy with the flashlight.  I would be totally ready to visit a bunch more houses, and my friends would want to leave early because they were tired.  Tired?  Tired!  What’s become of our world, folks, when children can obtain tons of free candy, and they return home early because they are tired!  Pah!  Poppycock and balderdash!  And once my friends went home, that meant that trick or treating was over for me, as well, as I didn’t particularly like walking up to strangers by myself (even if my parents were around; it’s just not the same, unless they plan to yell “Trick or treat!” with me).

Well, that largely sums up my memories from ducklinghood as far as Halloween is concerned.  If you’d like to share some spooky Halloween memories of your own, feel free to do so in the comments below.  I’d like to hear your thoughts!

Happy Early Quackoween, Everyone!

The photo used is public domain and from Flickr User: Jyamax

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