A Minor Trek into Fear with Spooky Tales and Haunted Houses

For October, I wanted to think up some spooky topics to share with you all.  And yet, and this is rather fortunate, not that many spooky things have happened in my life, meaning I had to think hard.  And what I came up with were a few semi-spook-related tales that took place during the Duck’s ducklinghood.  We’re verging on spook here, even if we’re not totally crossing the line.

To start off, I have never been good at telling scary stories.  In recent years, I was able to write a few decently creepy Slender Man stories, but without some pretty good inspiration (and believe me, Slender Man is great inspiration for horror), I am just not well-equipped at striking fear into the hearts of my listeners.  I remember one day many years back, I had a rare sleepover at my friend’s house.  As night fell, we decided it would be a great time to try and tell some scary stories.

As I just mentioned, I am terrible at such things.  I remember that my story was a pretty mundane sort of tale related to spooky forests, a brother and sister pair, and a predictable plot that I barely managed to piece together as the tale progressed.  My friend, on the other hand, told me a story about a girl who went up into her attic.  The main details involved her stepping on something sharp, and when she looked down, she had broken off the rather large claw of some unknown beast which had stuck its finger through a hole in the floorboards.

As silly as it may sound, I remember my friend’s tale haunting me for quite some time as I wondered what this mysterious beast was.  All the while, I marveled at my friend’s ability to tell such a spooky story when this was something I myself was rather terrible at.  Of course, the secret behind her storytelling abilities may have very well been the simple fact that she had probably heard it somewhere else, as my friends had a habit of reading more scary stories than I did.  Maybe it was indeed her own creation, but you never know.

Another spooky pastime during the Halloween season are haunted houses.  This is something I am not a fan of, though I did visit one many years ago.  I remember my parents and I were at this place that sold Christmas decorations, and for some bizarre reason, they also had a haunted house outside.  I know, weird.  Well, my mom and I decided to brave this creepy attraction, and while I barely remember what we saw in there, it was a horrifying affair filled with the two of us huddling together and squealing in terror.  Needless to say, we both regretted the decision and have no intention of ever visiting a haunted house ever again.

Well, that pretty much sums up my spooky experiences.  If you guys have any spooky tales you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them.  Just leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Ducks Are Spooky, Right?

Photo is public domain and from Flickr User: Wayne Hodge

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