Killer Trees and Unexpected Guests: Even More Spooky Duck Dreams

The night of October 1, 2017, was home to a marathon of creepy dreams that I wanted to record before I forgot.  It seems my sleeping mind is well-aware of the impending arrival of Halloween, so, as far as spooky dreams go, the timing couldn’t have been better.  As usual, many of the details have become lost to me, so these dreams may not sound as creepy as they actually were.  Nevertheless, believe me when I say that these dreams were quite haunting indeed before the welcome arrival of morning put an end to my unpleasant adventures.

In my first dream, I was in the woods, accompanied by a girl I believe was supposed to be my sister.  While many creepy stories take place in the woods, this one does not involve the mysterious creatures that typically reside in the darkest reaches of the forest, but rather, the trees themselves.  I remember coming upon a very large tree.  It wasn’t exactly tall, but it had a very thick trunk with one of those holes in its side that so commonly house owls or glowing eyes.  Within moments of arriving at this particular tree, the hole in its side transformed into a large gaping mouth.

The tree began to suck in air through its mouth in an effort to draw me closer.  The pull was so strong, it took all my strength to hold onto a nearby tree for dear life.  After some frightening moments where I wondered what might happen if I was sucked into the tree’s mouth, I was able to release the tree to which I had anchored myself, and I started to run from tree to tree, holding on tight when the tree’s sucking threatened to draw me closer.

My dream-sister and I slowly began to increase the distance between us and the tree, but just when I thought that our troubles were nearly over, I looked back to see that the tree had become a grinning man who, even now, continued to suck air through his mouth with an astounding strength in an effort to ensnare us.  We began to increase the speed in which we traveled from one tree to the next, and though we did escape, it was a rather creepy experience indeed.

This next dream doesn’t start out very spooky.  I remember being at this fancy dinner party and feeling quite out of place.  I remember eating dinner with everyone, after which I took to wandering around this rather odd house (it had many rooms and a strange layout) as everyone else talked to each other.  I don’t believe I really knew anyone there, so I was pretty much on my own.  After some time had passed, there was a knock at the door.  Everyone seemed rather apprehensive at first, but finally, a man opened the door to find a tall cloaked figure.  Rather cliche as far as scary things go, I must admit, but my sleeping mind can’t really be faulted for this lack of creativity.

We were all, as expected, very uneasy about this uninvited visitor, who proceeded to drift inside and off to some unknown room.  The party continued on as before, though with a distinct anxious feeling about it.  I continued to walk around the house, which was, as you might expect, a bad idea when I entered a room to overhear the cloaked figure speaking to someone.  I don’t remember who it was talking to or what they said, but it was clear based on their words that the mysterious figure did indeed come here with ill intent.

I promptly left the room holding two pairs of shoes (not sure where these came from) and went over to two women with whom I supposedly was friends (despite originally not knowing anyone here).  They had seen the strange figure enter the same room as I, and a moment later, the figure reemerged from the nearby doorway.  As it passed by, I asked my friends which pair of shoes they preferred, and once the figure had left us entirely, I told them I was trying to remain casual in order to make the mysterious figure think I had not heard any of their conversation.  It is here that the dream ended, the figure’s intentions forever a mystery.

I have no idea what inspired these decidedly creepy dreams, but it works out quite nicely with Halloween quickly approaching, no?  I hope you guys enjoyed reading, and if you’d like, feel free to share your own spooky dreams in the comments below!

Photo used is public domain and from Flickr User: Jyamax

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