Strange Noises in the Dark: A Duck Dream

Whether or not anyone reads these strange posts, I cannot say, but I enjoy writing them, so here we go.  I had a spooky dream the night of 7/15/17, and I think it came about due to hearing a spooky sound that night.  In this dream, I had two other siblings, an older sister and a younger sibling I don’t remember much about, as this person didn’t play a major role in the dream.  The older sister was, in fact, a friend I once had in real life.  I’m not going to say her name on the Internet, but since these posts are as much for my own records as your amusement, I will give myself a hint so that I remember in the future who this friend was.  She was the friend with the swimming pool.  There, memory secured.  Since this person is important in my dream, I’ll just call her Alice.  That’s not her name.  It’s just better than typing older sister all the time.

The three of us were travelling, and it was apparently common practice to stay at random people’s houses.  It was kind of like that whole Uber thing nowadays where random people drive you around without the need for a taxi.  Well, we were going to spend the night at the house of this rather strange woman.  She allowed me and my younger sibling to sleep in the bed in the guest room, but she said Alice had to sleep in the closet on top of boxes.  Alice asked if she could sleep elsewhere, like on the bed with us or even on the floor, but the woman said no, she knows her house better than us, and the closet will be more comfortable.  After the woman left, Alice and I went about moving some things in the closet to make her more comfortable and gathering more blankets so she wouldn’t be cold.

Not long later, the younger sibling was no longer in the dream, and some of the details have since grown rather fuzzy.  I know that something creepy was going on in the house, and Alice and I were trying to hide and not attract any notice from whatever it was.  To make matters creepier, the house was, as you’d expect in the dead of night, very dark, and the owner was gone.  Anyway, I forgot what we were hearing at first, or where we were hiding, as the middle of the dream has been forgotten to me.  But I do know that after some time, we heard an unnatural noise down the hallway, in the direction of the kitchen.  There was definitely something bizarre, maybe multiple of them, inside the house, and we felt we needed to get out quickly.

At first, we locked ourselves in a small bathroom, but it had no windows, and there would be no way out if we were discovered.  We were terrified to leave the room, but we forced ourselves to leave the bathroom and cross over into the bedroom across the hallway.  I don’t recall this being the bedroom we were staying in, but this was where our bags were.  We closed and locked the door as quietly as we could, then we started trying to open the window.  The window was quite wide, and Alice took a lock on one side while I went down the window until I found the other.  We tried our best to open it, and at first, we were having a lot of trouble.  Finally, we were met with success.  Once the window was open, we started throwing our bags out.

We had quite a lot of bags for some reason, and I couldn’t remember what was in each and didn’t want to waste time looking in each of them.  We had not been discovered yet, so we had some time, though I knew that once the creatures found out we were here, we wouldn’t have much time before they got through the door.  I wanted to get the most important bags outside, all the while reminding myself that getting out alive was more important.  We settled most of all for saving the bags with our money and clothes.  Once we had gotten as many bags outside as we dared, we left through the window, picked up what we could, and starting walking down the street.

As you might imagine, this dream really freaked me out.  I ended up waking up at 4 AM and being grateful morning wasn’t terribly far off, as a part of me worried the dream might come true.  Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this semi-spooky October blog post!  Have you guys had any spooky dreams lately that you want to share?  If so, please do so in the comments below!

My Plan for Next Time: Save All the Bags Containing Ducks

Photo used is public domain and was uploaded by Flickr User: Wayne Hodge

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