Mystic Manor and Shanghai Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean

I spend a good amount of time on Youtube, and one of my favorite topics to watch is anything related to the various Disney Parks.  I have learned history and secrets, not to mention differences between the various parks, including the amazing Disney attractions.  During this time, I have discovered that two of the coolest Disney rides cannot be found in the United States where Disneyland began.  Rather, to find these amazing attractions, you would need to visit the pair of Disney Parks residing in China.

Let’s start with the first Disney Park opened in this country, Hong Kong Disneyland.  Due to cultural differences, neither park in China features the Haunted Mansion.  Rather, Hong Kong Disneyland offers a super unique replacement in the form of Mystic Manor.  In this ride, a man by the name of Lord Henry Mystic owns an enchanted music box.  When this music box is opened by his mischievous monkey Albert, everything in the manor comes to life.  This is one ride that needs to be seen to be believed, so I won’t say much more.  It is absolutely amazing, and you can check it out in the video below.

Video by Youtube User: SoCal Attractions 360

Moving on to China’s newest Disney Park in Shanghai, we have an amazing version of Pirates of the Caribbean.  If you think you’re more than familiar with this particular attraction, think again, because this is nothing like the original Pirates ride we’re used to…well, anywhere else in the world.  The full title of this attraction is Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure, and while this ride does have a few similarities to the original attraction found elsewhere, everything else has been changed and resolves more around the characters from the movies, particularly Dead Man’s Chest, meaning you’ll be seeing Davy Jones, the Flying Dutchman, and even the beastly Kraken.  Like Mystic Manor, the special effects in this attraction defy belief.  As amazing as it is to watch on Youtube, I can’t imagine how incredible this must be in person.

Video by Youtube User: SoCal Attractions 360

Battle for the Sunken Ducks

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