Youtuber Shout-Out: Kitten Academy

It should be more than clear by now that the Duck is a big fan of kitties.  Having had many kitties of my own that are loved like the family they are, not to mention my ability to befriend almost any cat I meet, cats and I have a bond indeed.  Therefore, it was quite a treat when I learned about a Youtube channel called Kitten Academy, which sports a 24-hour a day, 365-day a year live stream showing the many kittens they are currently fostering.  This doesn’t include the live “Kitten Close-Ups” that take place every evening where, as the name suggests, you can see the kittens up close and personal.

Kitten Academy deserved a shout-out of its own because it is more than just a regular Youtube channel.  The two people who run it, Mr. A and DJ, are kind people who have chosen to give up several rooms of their house and devote their spare time to fostering kittens until they can be adopted.  In addition to the “alumni”, they also have six “faculty” cats who remain with them, from Headmaster Acro and the elusive Headmistress Smokey to several “Professors”, Custard, Loganberry, Ari, and Eddie.  Oh, and they also have a very large, but very gentle dog named Elsie who seems to be in charge of ensuring that cats can get along with their canine counterparts.  With a doggy as nice as Elsie, growing kittens can’t help but see dogs as friends rather than foes.

The people at Kitten Academy are lucky enough to have gained quite a bit of support on Youtube, not just from those who donate on Patreon, but all the generous people who send them gifts, which they open every Saturday morning in the midst of curious kittens.  If you are interested, current groups of cats include: Roux and her “Pate a Choux”, Chili and her six fluffy kittens named after beans or spices, and a set of four new kittens named after Persian foods like Falafel and Hummus.  Oh, and Mr. Pickles, who somehow got mixed in with the “Purrsians” by accident, but is a welcome addition, nonetheless.

Mother Duck, our cat Elsa, and I all love watching Kitten Academy.  It is very relaxing and uplifting watching these adorable kittens grow up, receiving gifts from the many generous donators along the way, and eventually getting adopted.  Though be warned, because sad things can happen from time to time.  I wanted to specifically mention one of Roux’s babies.  In addition to Croquembouche (or Cro), the brown boy kitten with stripes, and Éclair, the black girl kitten, there was a third kitten named Beignet, or Ben for short.  Roux’s babies were all born on the live stream, and we had the pleasure of watching them grow up from helpless little newborns to rambunctious young kittens.  Little Ben, as far as I remember, seemed to be the very first to open his eyes and begin exploring his environment, which immediately won my admiration.  In fact, everyone fell in love with him right away, and he even had an adopter before much time was out.  Unfortunately, at about 5-6 weeks of age, he caught viral pneumonia and subsequently passed away several days later despite the prompt care given him by the vets.

Kitten Academy is rarely a sad place, and while I would not normally want to write about such sad topics, I thought it only right that Ben was remembered.  His life was short, but very happy, and it was thanks to the two good-hearted people at Kitten Academy who gave him the love he deserved.  If you want to see Beignet looking absolutely adorable on his favorite beanbag chair, then please watch the video below!

Video from Youtube User: Kitten Academy

The Duck, Eternal Friend of Beignet!

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