Our FNAF Group Cosplay at the 2017 Comicon

If you’ve been following my cosplay posts, then you’ll know that I’ve spent the last year working on my most complex costume yet, Foxy the Pirate from Five Nights at Freddy’s, for the 2017 comic convention.  To make things even better, this would also be the year of my first ever group cosplay.  My dad agreed to dress as the security guard (Mike Schmidt, as all you FNAF fans should know), while my mom dressed as a human version of Toy Chica, complete with a bib and cupcake that I made myself.  While my mom knows the series quite well (she and I have watched all five of the current games on Youtube), my dad is far less familiar with the games, having only seen my Halloween Live Stream on Virtual Bastion over a year ago.  So he must have found the whole arrangement rather odd.  A security guard.  A fox.  A chicken.  Nevertheless, he still played the role just spiffingly.  But I get ahead of myself.

As the day of the comicon drew ever nearer, I was very excited to see how my most advanced costume would fare.  Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was shattered a bit when they announced a ban on all cosplay props.  ALL cosplay props!  From what I heard, this ban initially included fursuits (which was what my costume would likely be categorized as), hats (meaning my dad’s security hat was out), and plushies (so no cupcake for Chica), just to name the ones that really affected us.  Fortunately, the ban was lightened after a short time to only include weapons and shields, fake or otherwise.  Not so fortunately, this still meant that I was not able to wear Foxy’s foam hook.

Honestly, the whole matter of increased security was quite a problem, as the security people originally tried to take Foxy’s head, claiming that all “detachable” items were banned from the convention, which didn’t seem accurate based on the email detailing what was and was not allowed (again, weapons and shields).  I was lucky enough that they changed their minds and allowed me to keep Foxy’s head, though I still had to wear a black sock over my right hand in place of a pirate hook, which was so much less cool.

What probably bothered me most of all, after the head fiasco anyway, was that I later saw someone else at the comicon wearing a metal pirate hook.  Wait a minute…

Unfairly-enforced rules aside, and my initial embarrassment at wearing a sock as a replacement for the second coolest part of my costume aside, we did have a fun time at the comicon.  My dad had to lead me around, while my mom provided protection on my left to ensure no one bumped into Foxy’s delicate ears.  I could see a little bit, but on the most part, my vision was greatly hindered, meaning that, while I was physically at the comicon, I kind of missed a great deal of it.  But that’s the risk you take when you wear a giant fox head, and it’s a sacrifice I was willing to make.

Oh, and it was hot in there, too.  Not unbearable, but I did need to take breaks every now and then and go headless for a short while until I cooled off a sufficient degree.

Well, it turned out our group cosplay was quite popular indeed.  We were asked for pictures constantly throughout our stroll through the main hall, and there were times we could barely walk five feet without having to stop again.  It was like being a celebrity!  But…without all that pesky money.  Bah, millions of dollars.  Who needs it?  I’m joking, of course.  I could definitely use a million bucks.  First thing I’d buy?  Haunted Mansion plaque.  You know it.  Scratch that.  First thing I’d buy, full-scale replica of the Hatbox Ghost.  You know it!

Chica and her cupcake! Let’s eat…who?

All throughout the day, we heard cries of “Foxy!” and “Chica!” and “the security guard!” (or “Mike Schmidt” for those extra familiar with the games), and it was interesting to see how popular Five Nights at Freddy’s is with the children.  We either had children excited to see us or parents taking photos of us to show their children later, claiming that their son or daughter loves FNAF and would have loved to see us in person.  It was like being a celebrity, but without the gigantic mansions!  Wait, I already did a joke like that….

Seriously, though, kids love them some murderous animatronic animals.  Many of them wanted pictures with us, and at one point, I felt something tugging on the back of Foxy’s torso.  I didn’t realize what it was until it happened again, and I turned around to find that a kid had been trying to get my attention.  On the other hand, one kid refused to have his picture taken with us at all.  His parents asked him if he wanted a picture with Foxy, and he thought better of it, pointing out all the blood on my costume as sufficient grounds to keep his distance.  He’s a smart kid, I must say.  Caution is a wise route to take.

Of course, it was not only children who loved our costumes, but people of all ages!  One young lady wanted individual pictures with Chica and I, and during my picture with her, I could feel her practically snuggling next to me.  Aw, Foxy’s got a fan.  Another young woman asked to touch Foxy’s claw.  Apparently, all the blood was not a sufficient deterrent for her.  But don’t worry, it was just dried blood, after all.  Totally not a problem.  And you could tell there were plenty of people who liked our group even though they had no idea what game we were from.  Furthermore, some people actually mistook my dad for a real security guard.

I didn’t get the full view of the comicon’s many vendors and unique wares from within my foam suit, but I could see enough to spot one vendor selling Jim Shore Disney figurines.  In the past, I would always gravitate towards video game figurines, but due to my renewed love of Disneyland, I couldn’t pass up some lovely Disney characters.  Resin in the shape of people.  Gotta love it.  I ended up getting Alice from Alice in Wonderland, of course, and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I also found one vendor selling Disney pins, but I didn’t see any Haunted Mansion pins I liked, so I didn’t get anything there.  It must be the Hatbox Ghost, Hitchhiking Ghosts, or nothing!  If the initials aren’t HG, I want no part in it!  Apparently.

After this, we spent a little bit of time upstairs in a large room that houses the comicon’s more unique sights.  We saw the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo (my mom and I both grew up watching that show…isn’t that weird?).  We saw a really scary guy inside a Dalek (from Dr. Who).  He was truly frightening.  And awesome.  We also saw the obligatory comicon Lego city, complete with chu-chu trains!  Toot-toot!  The actors and such were here, too, but I didn’t recognize anyone.  Ah, I pity them…with their millions of dollars…and their gigantic mansions….  I mean, their utility bills must be enormous, am I right?

Foxy the Pirate, in his full glory! Don’t know what happened to his ears, though…

Once we had left the comicon for the day, we were able to get my hook back from security.  (Despite the ban, I still brought it along with the hopes that I could wear it, and can you blame me?  This costume took a year, darn it!  A year!)  So at least for a short while, I got to march around in full Foxy the Pirate attire, feeling quite energized with my costume complete at last.  At least for a short while, until I was positively dying from the heat.  Inch thick foam covered in furry fleece is so hot on a summer day.  Who knew?

Well, it was another…mostly successful venture to the wondrous comic convention.  The smaller one I normally attend had, unfortunately, been cancelled this year and may never return, but at least the big one’s here to stay…for now…I hope, and the people were as friendly as ever.  Except for the people who tried to steal my head.  That was still…really weird.

At this time, I have no intention of creating any more costumes in the near future for several reasons.  One, they are expensive, and I’m not currently in possession of the sort of funds to continue such a hobby.  Two, I am also short on time, something I would far rather spend on other ventures, like Youtube.  And three, cosplaying is difficult.  I have been burned by hot glue and stabbed by needles so many times, and I’m mentally fatigued, and I just can’t do it anymore!  Huff huff…  Yeah…a rest is needed.  A long, long rest.  I don’t even want to look at my sewing machine or my hot glue gun anymore.  Put them away!  Lock them in a safe!  Keep them away from meeeee!

Nevertheless, I fully plan to continue visiting the comicon.  I’ll just need to re-wear past costumes, and after all the work I put into them, that’s probably for the best.  And it helps that I finally found better makeup, which would be super useful for Kefka and Ghirahim.  I’m still using Mehron brand body makeup, but instead of liquid, it’s cream.  And I bought some powder to make it stay on longer.  I’m all good to go now.

Even though this is going to be my last new cosplay for a while, it was nice ending with a costume that got a lot of good attention, not to mention a very fun first group cosplay.  And as has been the case quite often lately, I have prepared another video to supplement today’s post.  Want to see Foxy’s head in full…video-recorded glory, along with a few other key items, such as Chica’s cupcake, which I forgot to show during my video game collection tour?  Want to see my two new Jim Shore figures?  Well, now you can because this here video has got you covered!  (Oh, and sorry, we forgot to get a picture of my dad as the security guard.)

Video from Youtube User: The Duck of Indeed

Ducky the…uh, Duck


7 thoughts on “Our FNAF Group Cosplay at the 2017 Comicon

    1. Thanks much! Those extra rules were pretty crazy, and I can only hope things go back to normal next year. I’d really love to wear my full costume, hook and all, in the future. Even so, we still had a fun time, and Foxy was well-received despite his missing appendage.


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