Foxy Cosplay: The Finishing Touches

At long last, the long-awaited moment has arrived!  Foxy is complete, after nearly a year’s worth of work, not to mention blood, sweat, and tears.  Literally, as far as the blood is concerned.  Sewing needles are sharp.  The tears almost happened on a few occasions, during the more difficult parts of the project.  The sweat is just figurative.  That’s gross.  Anyway, self-indulgent rambling aside, the final steps are detailed below.

One important thing I needed to figure out was some kind of makeshift “bodysuit” to wear underneath the costume.  I hear that some people buy something specifically for this purpose.  Me?  Well, seeing as I am known to go about things in entirely the wrong way, rather than listen to the advice of professionals who have been doing this for years, I decided to simply wear tights and a thin turtleneck.  Reviews said the turtleneck was flimsy, but that was exactly what I wanted because I was specifically searching the virtual halls of Amazon for something that wouldn’t be too hot.  The sleeves were a bit too thick, however, and the folds were far too obvious when I wore Foxy’s arms over them, so I cut the sleeves off and decided instead to wear the severed legs of a second pair of tights on my arms.  I am wholly aware of how odd that sentence sounds.

The invisible zipper on Foxy's torso. The color is Atom Red. Behold the magnificent color of atoms!
The invisible zipper on Foxy’s torso. The color is Atom Red. Behold the magnificent color of atoms!

Another major issue were the seams, some of which were not staying closed with Velcro alone.  I decided to add a zipper to the seam in the torso and the waist (an extra long zipper, the 20-22 inch variety) so that it was easier to get inside these respective parts of the costume.  I initially used a shorter zipper on the torso and found that it would no longer open far enough for me to squeeze inside.  I discovered that no zipper was necessary for the upper legs, and the lower legs were large enough to put on without the need to open them, so I pulled the Velcro off and simply hot glued them closed permanently.

The inside of Foxy's chest. You can see the "belt loops" on the bottom.
The inside of Foxy’s chest. You can see the “belt loops” on the bottom.

The next order of business was hiding the zippers.  For the waist, I simply added some Velcro inside for the end of the zipper to attach to so that it won’t be seen.  The torso is tighter, so I had to hide the zipper along the bottom edge with Velcro to hold the end in place.  Since the exposed endoskeleton in the torso has some pokey edges, I used the fabric from one of my turtleneck sleeves to sew underneath the holes in Foxy’s chest.  Not only does this protect my face from being scratched up by pointy cardboard when I’m putting the torso on or taking it off, but it also prevents the bright red zipper from being seen through these holes when it’s hidden inside the torso.  Furthermore, gravity caused the zipper to sag, so I cut the turtleneck fabric inside of Foxy’s torso to rather resemble belt loops.  Now the zipper can simply loop through them and remain out of sight.

A peek at Foxy's right leg. Not very interesting. But there it be.
A peek at Foxy’s right leg. Not very interesting. But there it be.

The next major problem can be attributed to the upper legs, which were so thick that they hit each other when I walked.  To fix this, I cut much of the foam in the inner legs out, leaving nothing but fabric.  Now walking is much easier.  I also added some frayed wires sticking out of the holes in the right leg, but not before the wires were beaten with a meat tenderizer to look old and damaged.  Last of all, I was having trouble making the legs stay up.  Usually, they would slip down my leg, the left one especially, so I needed to devise a cunning plan to put a stop to this nonsense.  Luckily, there was an easy solution.  What I did was, I added a small piece of Velcro on either side of each leg, which attaches to a corresponding piece of Velcro coming down from the waist.  Once these pieces of Velcro are stuck together, the legs stay up just fine.  What an ingenious solution!

The red fabric paint made a bit difference in hiding the edges of the foam. Lovely.
The red fabric paint made a big difference in hiding the edges of the foam. Lovely.

After that, I painted some of the more visible white foam inside of the arms with red fabric paint to better make it blend in.  Otherwise it was too easy for people to see the foam inside of my costume.  Lastly, I added a curtain of black fabric at the back of the head to hide my own noggin.  I found that my head is a bit more visible that I had formerly realized, and I can imagine that it really ruins the effect of disguising oneself as a killer animatronic when you can come around back and see the person inside it.  This ain’t no springlock suit!  I AM Foxy!  And I refuse to hide out in Pirate’s Cove a minute longer!

I realized I never showed the inside of Foxy's head with the tea lights. It looks scary in there.
I realized I never showed the inside of Foxy’s head with the tea lights. It looks scary in there.

My most complex costume is finally done, and I must admit that it’s a huge relief.  Foxy was a lot of work, but he turned out pretty good in the end, and I learned a lot.  I learned how to work with upholstery foam.  I learned how to create blood and rust with coffee grounds.  I also learned how to make a head out of craft foam and a moving jaw with some screws and elastic.  Most of all, this cosplay was a great trial in patience and craftiness.  There were so many problems, some of them major ones, that I had to work through, and it’s great to look back on it now and know that every one of those obstacles has been overcome.  Like those horses that jump over stuff.  Yes, dear readers, in this moment, more now than ever before…I am…a horse.  Or a fox.  Then again, I thought I was a duck.  I don’t know what I am anymore.  I need a nap.

And the completed thing…

Foxy the Pirate, in his full glory! Don’t know what happened to his ears, though…

The Duck Can Now Rest Easy Knowing That I Can Transform at Any Time into a Robo-Fox Pirate…a Dream Come True

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