Bonus Post: A Tribute to Peepers

About two years ago, I lost my pet goldfish Peepers.  To this day, I still remember her fondly and believe quite adamantly that fish are severely underrated pets.  They don’t bite (unless you own a shark).  They don’t destroy the furniture.  They don’t leave surprises on the rug.  Furthermore, Peepers was a very sweet fish indeed.  She would follow me around when I went to different sides of her bowl, and if I needed to reach in to readjust her bridge, sometimes she would swim alongside my hand.

Inspired by the rather silly puns and rhymes found in the cemetery at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, I decided to create a similar epitaph for this most wonderful of fish.  Her newly painted tombstone reads: “Jeepers, Creepers, Here Lies Peepers”.  This newest Sporadic Quack is dedicated to Peepers and includes a few old video clips of her that I never showed before, mainly because I wasn’t doing Youtube back then, and WordPress wasn’t working with me when it came to including video files in my blog posts.  Maybe that was for the best.  I apparently enjoyed talking to Peepers in an absurdly high voice….

Video from Youtube User: The Duck of Indeed

Peepers, the Duck Shall Remember You Forever


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