Bonus: The Duck’s Caramel Popping Corn

You may recall in the recent past, I talked about a caramel dobos torte we made.  While we didn’t end up being particularly thrilled with this cake, we did learn how to make caramel in the process.  With this newfound skill, we decided it was time to put it to good use and make some homemade, caramel-y treats.  But first, we needed to replicate our caramel.  This proved to be more difficult than we expected, as caramel is still a rather tricky process despite having done it before.  After three attempts, we finally had a brand new batch of caramel.

A delicious pan of popcorn blobs
It looks like a popcorn tree…

At first, our caramel was quite watery, but it was still perfectly good for dipping popcorn and apple slices.  After spending the night in the fridge, however, we had a perfect batch of thick and sticky caramel.  It was time to make some yummy caramel popcorn balls.  Pouring our caramel over a bunch of popcorn (which I had inspected for kernels), we did our best to arrange them into balls, though they didn’t always want to keep their shape.  Try as we may, we ended up with popcorn lumps rather than popcorn balls.  Even so, they were quite delicious.

Caramel Popping Ducks

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