Bonus Post: Piggies, Fountains, and Star Gazing

Greetings and welcome to another bonus post.  The Duck’s Youtube channel has certainly been increasing in variety these past weeks, and today, I have published my very first video recorded using my dad’s Canon camera.  It’s a pretty complex camera to use, and I’m still getting used to how it works, but I’m sure it’ll get easier with practice.  For now, I think this first venture into the outside world went well enough despite any technical issues I might have had.

Today’s video is a compilation of three random things I thought were interesting: a propane tank painted like a cute piggy, a lovely fountain adorned with a crystal ocotillo, and the Estrella Star Tower, a spiraling stargazing tower, complete with some lovely water features.  As a little behind-the-scenes tidbit, my camera nearly overheated during the recording of that last one.  It was rather hot out, and I guess my camera was just not too happy with me at that point.  Luckily, I managed to cool it off so I could finish the video unhindered.  And you can see the fruits of my labors below!

Video from Youtube User: The Duck of Indeed

Why Are No Propane Accessories Painted Like Ducks?


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