Bonus Post: What is the Sporadic Quack?

By now, I have been blogging for nearly seven years, and it is indeed in the written word where I excel.  Due to my recent return to Youtube, however, I decided I might try my hand at a little side endeavor.  Vlogging.  For those of you not familiar with the term, it simply refers to the act of blogging in a video format.  This is in no way a replacement for this here blog, but rather, a supplemental thing where a simple typed blog post is not terribly interesting or where my spiel is better accompanied with a few props to illustrate what I’m talking about.

After some moderate thought, I have decided to name my vlog…the Sporadic Quack!  Or Spor-Q for short.  What exactly it will include, I don’t know yet, but episode 1 is going to elaborate a little bit on my plans for Youtube, along with a few other random updates.  For example, should the Duck start a t-shirt shop?  For another example, I got my first Disney pin, a super cool Hatbox Ghost pin that glows in the dark!  Woo hoo!  Please check out my video below and have a delightful day!

Video from Youtube User: The Duck of Indeed

Because the Sporadic Duck, or Spor-D, Makes Less Sense


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