The Duck’s Dapper Disneyland Slideshow 2017

I realize that after all these many posts discussing different aspects of our trip to Disneyland, not once have I really just talked about how our trip went.  Yes, I talked about rides and food and delightful Disney merchandise.  But do you know what hotel we stayed at?  Furthermore, did you know that we went on Dapper Day?  No, there is a pretty good chance you did not.  You may very well not even know what Dapper Day is to begin with!  You see how neglectful I’ve been?

Well, it’s time to rectify that.  Prepare yourselves for a detailed recounting of the visit Mother Duck and I made to the happiest place on Earth.  Despite injured feet and knees and sun burns and some mighty sore footsies, our two days at this magical place were some of the best of our lives.  And now, I have gathered up our photos and created a narrated slideshow of this very happy weekend, which you can find below.  I hope you enjoy!

Video from Youtube User: The Duck of Indeed

The Duck of Dapper


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