The Duck of Indeed…Now in HD

You’ve read my posts.  You’ve listened to me jabber on whilst playing random games on Youtube.  You’ve seen me in full cosplay regalia.  And yet, even so, the Duck of Indeed has remained an elusive creature, only spotted briefly during full moons, eclipses, and if you happen to visit a Subway at just the right time.  If you take a picture of the Duck of Indeed, it, just like any photo taken of a Bigfeet or a UFO, turns out blurred and uncertain.  Does the Duck of Indeed even exist?  Has it all merely been a strange and unsettling dream!

How does a Duck even type when birds don’t have thumbs?  Do such questions not unsettle you!

Well, after nearly seven years of being a feathered enigma, the Duck has come out of hiding.  Behold my very first venture into using my brand new HD webcam!  Just keep in mind that my true form is too difficult for human minds to comprehend, so don’t be alarmed when you find that the Duck doesn’t look quite as much like a duck as one might expect.  It’s just a ruse.  Humans fear what they don’t understand, sentient ducks among them!  I do this for your own sanity!

In keeping with what has become the month of Disney, so, too, shall my video follow suit.  For my first webcam-induced video, I thought I’d give you guys a brief tour of the Duck’s Disney collection, not including the wondrous items my mom and I brought back from our recent trip.  Fret not, for that shall be covered in a later video.  I promise.  And excuse any lighting or blurriness issues.  I’m still getting used to my new camera.  I’m not convinced the “HD” part of the title is entirely accurate.

Video from Youtube User: The Duck of Indeed

HD Stands for, “Hey, Duck!”


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