Bonus Time: Why’s Woody in the Woods?

So, I have this Disneyland app.  I have almost never in my life downloaded an app before, save for some free antivirus for my phone, but for once, this particular app looked pretty darn useful.  It shows you wait times for rides, locations of restaurants and shops.  And it shows you where various characters can be found.

I was so excited for my upcoming trip to Disneyland that I was constantly checking this app just for the fun of it and getting a general idea of the wait times for different rides throughout the day.  I learned that certain rides close temporarily throughout the day (so if my favorite ride is closed, I mustn’t fret, as it will probably return shortly…as long as it’s not under…refurbishment!).  I even learned where all the characters can typically be found.  While I don’t exactly care about tracking down any particular Disney characters, I find the whole notion of seeing where they are on a map rather amusing.

It was one afternoon when I took notice of something rather strange.  In the northwest corner of Disneyland is a large area of trees that I am pretty darn certain is not a part of the actual park.  I’m no expert, but I think that much is clear, considering the area is totally devoid of attractions or walkways of any kind (well, there is this strange, light green path shown on the map, but it certainly doesn’t look like a place the average person should go).  And what do I see but Woody from Toy Story lurking out in a grouping of trees behind Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Perhaps lurking is a strong word, but what do you think he was doing back there, so far from guests, hmm?  I think he remained out there for the next hour or so before disappearing from sight during a subsequent check on the situation.  Very mysterious….

Woody’s a cheerful loiterer…

Edit: Gasp, it appears Pocahontas is in on it, too!

Now everyone’s doing it!

Edit Again: Well, it would seem the green path, called Big Thunder Trail, was opened at that time to ease traffic around the park.  So that explains what these characters were doing there.  Sigh, mystery solved…

Wood You Like to Feed a Duck?

Featured photo is public domain and comes from Flickr User: Forest Service

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