Youtuber Shout-Out: Exploring America

Hey, every-people, it’s time for another Youtuber Shout-Out!  I have already covered gaming channels and urban exploring channels, so that’s pretty cool.  But, as fun as abandoned buildings are, sometimes it’s kind of nice to check out places that are still inhabited.  In fact, there are cool things all over the United States that are interesting to see, like roadside attractions, museums, and let’s not forget…Disneyland and Disneyworld!  Problem is, I hate travelling, so my chosen solution is to simply sit back and watch other people do all the work for me.  Below are my top three channels that will allow you to see all that the United States (including the famous Route 66) has to offer without ever having to leave home.

Carpetbagger: While the Carpetbagger travels to various places across the continental United States (including southern California and the “Arctic North”), his favorite corner of the country is the South.  During his travels, he visits a wide range of fun places.  Roadside attractions.  Abandoned houses.  A building shaped like a massive picnic basket.  Or even a huge lunchbox collection.  When he’s not travelling, you can find him in his secret bunker a varying number of feet, or miles, beneath the South.  His videos are fun and often humorous, and he is frequently joined by his daughter Anna or fellow Youtuber Adam the Woo, who is next on our list.  Just keep in mind that he is not a fan of quilts.  So if you really want to see inside the National Quilt Museum, you’re out of luck.  (You may want to check out that top video.  Poor Mr. Carpetbagger has a rather creepy experience in the pirate museum….)

Videos from Youtube User: Carpetbagger

Adam the Woo (and the Daily Woo): From the Carpetbagger’s channel, I ended up finding Adam the Woo, along with his daily vlog, the Daily Woo.  While I have yet to find any explanation as to what a “woo” is, Mr. Woo is also an avid traveler of the United States and has been known to frequent such places as roadside attractions, abandoned theme parks, movie filming locations, and various Disney theme parks.  His videos can be quite amusing indeed, and his frequent silly voices make me laugh every time.  Oh, and good news, he’s no longer banned from Disneyworld!  So check out his channel, “shall you?”

Videos from Youtube User: adamthewoo

Justin Scarred (and LiveFastDiePoor): While Carpetbagger’s channel led me to Adam the Woo, Mr. Woo’s channel led me to Justin Scarred.  Justin can be…a pretty goofy dude.  He, too, enjoys travelling around the country and going on road trips, and I get no shortage of joy watching the many, many places he has been.  He also has an entire Randomland series that covers some pretty interesting places, like ghost towns, Knott’s Berry Farm, and my favorite, Disneyland (the California version mostly, but he’s also visited Disneyworld and Disneyland Paris).  At the Happiest Place on Earth, he’s provided us with many a video covering interesting history or lists of the five weirdest things in Disneyland’s various…um, lands.  And for Disneyland’s Dapper Day, he transforms into his very silly, and very dapper, alter ego, Mr. Dapper!  Try to watch one of his videos and not laugh.  I dare you.

Videos from Youtube User: LiveFastDiePoor

So if any of these channels interest you, please check them out.  I can guarantee they will make you laugh, or, at the very least, smile a little.  And they say laughter has the ability to prolong one’s life, which makes these videos very healthy indeed.  And since I prescribed them to you, that makes me a doctor.  So listen to your doctor’s advice and watch these channels.

Or if You Prefer, a Ducktor

Image used is Public Domain, taken by Flickr user: Chris Murphy; text added and image cropped by the Duck of Indeed

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