Do You Know…The English Muffin Man?

As many of you may know by now, the Duck likes to bake.  That doesn’t mean I’m good at it or can devise cunning, new recipes that are entirely my own.  That also doesn’t imply that I own an apron that says, “Kiss the Cook” because…what, why’s that a thing?  (On a side note, never do what an apron tells you, especially an apron you have never met before.)  But I bake stuff sometimes.  And it’s fun.  And yet, considering I am in no way a professional baker, I am sometimes lacking the necessary supplies or the knowledge to find said supplies.  Honestly, it took me years to find almond paste.  Who knew it looks like a sausage and is packaged in a long, thin box?  What kind of sick game are they playing at!

Well, long story shortening (ha ha, “tell a terrible baking pun” can now be crossed off my bucket list!), we decided to make English muffins one day.  We gathered up the ingredients, feeling quite prepared, until we got to the end of the recipe where it said how to cook them.  On a griddle.  Okay, by some stroke of magical luck, we have one of those.  And…inside metal rings?  What, why on God’s green Earth would I just have a bunch of unsupervised metal rings lying around?  Am I being overly dramatic about the whole matter!  You bet I am!

Behold, the English muffin men and their fellow dough-flakes!

Ahem, seeing as we now had some delightfully puffy muffin dough waiting in a bowl for us, but no metal rings, we had to be a little creative.  My solution: cookie cutters.  We had two, a gingerbread man and a snowflake.  After some practice figuring out how much dough to cook at a time and for how long, they worked out quite spiffingly in the end.  I don’t think spiffingly is a word, but it works in this situation, well, spiffingly.  Splendidlydoo!

And that is the story of how the English muffin man came to be.  He was delicious.

We Need Duck Cookie Cutters!

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