Bonus Time: Yet Another Cat Nap

The other day, I couldn’t find my kitty Elsa.  She spends most of her time with me in the living room, either on the blankets on the couch, specifically placed there as an extra soft place for her to nap, or on a dining room chair.  With the cat missing from her two most frequented spots, I went searching for her.

The initial discovery of my kitty, ensconced in blankets

The first place I checked was beneath the bed.  Finding her to be absent, I straightened, only to come face-to-face with my missing kitty.  The bed had yet to be made, and this is where she had taken up residence, underneath the sheets, probably just having woken from a most relaxing nap I had so rudely, albeit unknowingly, interrupted.  I always find it adorable when cats use blankets or pillows or the like in the same manner humans (or sentient ducks) would, and I mused to myself that she must be a very clever cat indeed to crawl beneath the blankets for a midday rest.

She’s so shleepy now

I returned several times throughout the hours that followed to once again admire her adorable ingenuity.  And, of course, I took a few pictures to commemorate this extreme display of cuteness, which I have shared with you all today.

Duck, Cat Photographer

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