Bonus Time: Youtube Commenced!

In recent weeks, I have been meaning to make a comeback on my personal Duck of Indeed Youtube channel.  And how exactly does a Duck go about planning such an endeavor, you might be asking?  With spreadsheets.  Yes, the work behind creating videos for Youtube, at least for me, involves color-coded charts and to-do lists and schedules.  I never realized before how much of a data-obsessed duck I am until I looked back on all my work and reminisced over how much fun it all was.  That’s right, charts are fun.  For most, I would suspect these kinds of things would be a tedious chore, but for me, data is a hobby.

While I have plans for more complex videos in the future, that will all have to wait until I have the skills and the technology to do it.  (I found a $350 camera for $100 on Amazon if you buy the pink version.  So tempting.)  In the meantime, I already have roughly a year’s worth of simpler videos planned out, with dates and everything.  I have been busy!  These videos will include readings of my fan fiction, starting with my first collection of short stories.  (I break my stories into groups of 100,000 words; collection 1 was finished a few years ago, and collection 2 is still in the works.)

While a few stories are already on my Youtube channel, in my Collection 1 Playlist (a short Jak and Daxter fan fiction called Woes of the Warrior and my 4-chapter A Christmas Carol parody, A Ratchet Christmas Carol), the rest shall be covered over the upcoming year, with roughly one story every two weeks, not including four stories I have dubbed too terrible to recount and one longer story which will probably begin in January of next year because I could find nowhere else to fit it into my schedule on account of it being 13 chapters.  I also currently have one complete novel, a 68-chapter Jak and Daxter novel, to be more precise, that I need to read one day, but I’ll wait on that for now.  That sounds overwhelming.

We shall be kicking off my return to Youtube with “Jak and Daxter month”, with my first video being published today, a short story called Samos Sure Has a Green Thumb.  This particular story takes place during the events of Jak II as Daxter ponders the inconsistencies of time travel.  In the process, he may or may not discover a hidden truth about Keira that she never wanted revealed….

Video from Youtube User: The Duck of Indeed

So, if you’re a fan of fan fiction (mainly video games, with a few extra things thrown in, namely Lost, Dr. Who, and Harry Potter) and are interested in checking out my videos, my current schedule has been listed below (and on my Youtube About page), though it’s possible it may change depending on how things go.  The name of this series: Story Time with the Duck.  Let me read to you!

Story Time Schedule

  • March 2017: Jak and Daxter month
  • April 2017: Vexen (Kingdom Hearts) month
  • May 2017: Random short stories
  • June 2017: Zexion (Kingdom Hearts) month, plus a random short story
  • July 2017-August 2017: Final Fantasy VI short stories
  • September 2017: Demyx (Kingdom Hearts) month
  • October 2017: Spooky story month
  • November 2017: Zelda: Skyward Sword month
  • December 2017: Wintery story month
  • January 2018: Final Fantasy VI 13-chapter story begins

I do hope you guys will be joining me.  Of course, if you’d prefer, you can always read these stories yourself on my fan fiction profile.  Either way works just fine.  Hopefully a greater variety of videos will be available in the near future, but for now, you’ll all have to settle with my amazing literary collection!

Forget Shakespeare, a Talking Duck is Here!


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