Youtuber Shout-Out: Urban Exploring

One thing I doubt any of you guys really know about me quite yet is that I enjoy videos on urban exploring.  In case you’re not familiar with the term, this basically applies to people who explore abandoned buildings, often with the purposes of documenting what they see in order to preserve history before these places are inevitably torn down or collapse from age.  There’s something really fascinating about seeing old furniture and photographs left in previously inhabited places, admiring old architecture, or simply witnessing the natural decay of manmade structures.  I actually got into urban exploring when I looked up a video one day on the world’s creepiest animatronics.  From there, I found videos on creepy abandoned theme parks, which led to me watching videos on all sorts of abandoned places, from hospitals to schools to even nuclear power plants.  Below are my top two urban exploring channels!

  Exploring With Josh: Josh’s channel is already quite popular, so he doesn’t exactly need any recommendations from a humble Duck, but for anyone who might be interested in abandoned places, then his channel is one you simply can’t pass up.  Josh (and his friends, who have their own urban exploring Youtube channels) has explored everything, from abandoned amusement parks to hospitals to the Paris catacombs, and he’s been to many places around the world, such as Japan, Thailand, and even Chernobyl.  I find myself returning to his channel again and again to see where he’s been next.  Josh is also just a nice guy who’s a lot of fun to watch.  I highly recommend checking out his adventures.

Videos from Youtube User: Exploring With Josh

  Proper People: The Proper People are another group of urban explorers whose channel features high-quality videos involving the various abandoned places they have explored.  You can’t go wrong with either channel, and I find that both nicely complement the other.  The Proper People explore plenty of places Josh hasn’t, and vice versa, and when they do visit the same location, you are bound to get an entirely new perspective depending on whom you watch.  If you enjoy urban exploring or think it might be something that would interest you, these are two channels you simply can’t miss.

Videos from Youtube User: Proper People

Well, um…welcome to yet another one of the Duck’s varied interests.  Keep in mind that some urban explorers include jump scares or stage suspicious items in the places they are exploring to make their videos more interesting.  Josh and the Proper People don’t, which is one more reason their channels are my top picks.

Urban Duck Explorers Visit Abandoned Ponds and Breadcrumb Factories

Image used is Public Domain, taken by Flickr user: Chris Murphy; text added and image cropped by the Duck of Indeed

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